The Harn Museum Bri buzard

This particular piece of artwork is something that I fell one must see in person to full appreciate it. This is a sculpture created of our aluminum and painted with the paint used to paint cars. If I would have just seen this piece of artwork online or a picture of it in a magazine, I would not have been able to fully appreciate and see all the different sides to it. I found this piece of artwork particularly striking because it looked very simple and without meaning until you looked more into it and realized what it really was. When I was able to realize that it was a crumpled up piece of aluminum with the paint of cars on it I was then able to see that the artist was trying to draw a comparison to a wrecked car. Without seeing this piece of artwork in person, I never would have been able to draw this conclusion. The artwork communicated to me that the crumpled up piece of aluminum could happen to anyone in a car and to me it came across as being a warning to drivers.

Each wing or section of the museum had a different color scheme to it and a completely different feel, which I felt made my experience at the museum. Also, the museum to me felt like a maze where no matter which way I turned I was able to find a new piece of artwork. One particular exhibit I found appealing was the Frida Kahlo Museum. In this exhibit the color scheme was white and duller colors. I felt like these colors helped enhance my experience because it set the mood of what her life was like. Also, the way you had to follow the pictures helped to see how her life went and I felt like I was almost apart of her journey. I also really enjoyed how they had rooms with videos in them where I was able to learn even more about the different artists and exhibits. Also, the lighting in the museum was dimmed which helped to make the museum a peaceful place and helped to allow me the relaxed environment I needed to fully understand the artwork.

One of my core values is working hard at everything I do and not taking short-cuts. In the piece shown above, The Legislative Belly by Honoré Daumier, he depicts a highly controversial type of legislative body and shows them leaping and doing nothing and looking arrogant. This relates to my core value because it is calling people out on not working hard and for not taking their job seriously. This artwork made me feel angry at the people in the legislative body because they are not taking their job seriously and it would end up affecting other people. After seeing this artwork my core value has become even more important to me because I would never want someone to look at me and even think of depicting me in the same way Honoré depicted this legislative body.

This piece of artwork, Overlook Mountain by Ernst Fiene, depicts the theme of seeking. This piece of artwork shows how peaceful nature and living away from society can be by showing how beautiful this landscape is. This shows what Walden and Siddhartha might have been looking for when they left to go live in a secluded environment and living off nature. This piece of artwork allows me to better understand what they were thinking when they decided to do this. It also allows me to better appreciate the theme of seeking because it makes me want to seek a place that is as beautiful and serene as the overlook mountain. Also, it makes me question whether or not I am living the good life by staying in the city and in the heart of society or if I would be better off going and living like Walden and Siddhartha.

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