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I chose to recreate Mike Wazowski through Adobe Illustrator because he's the first character that came to mind when I began to consider my favorite cartoons. Also, mainly because I am proud of the way this assignment turned out.

I included Grr in my Spark Page Portfolio because I was particularly proud of how it turned out, and I feel as though it represents my progress with Adobe Illustrator quite well.

I chose to include the Kellogg's logo I created on Adobe Illustrator because I considered it to be one of the more difficult assignments I have done in the class. With that, I feel as though the finished product was well worth appreciation.

This assignment was one of the later one's we did with Adobe Photoshop. Being new to Photoshop entirely, I feel that this assignment properly reflects my ability with the program.

This assignment required students to place a crab in any background of their choice. I personally chose to put the crab in S.T.A.R. Laboratories from DC's The Flash because, for one, I love The Flash, and secondly, because it was a difficult background to work with.

Although I considered this one of the easier assignments we've had in the class, I am including it in my Spark Page Portfolio because of two main reasons. Firstly, it genuinely looks like a painting when it's not, and secondly, it reminds me of my old dog, Tuffy.

I chose to include the bendy-dog in my Spark Page Portfolio because it's cute.

I am particularly proud of this work for two main reasons. First being that I just enjoy the atmosphere of museums, and second being that the image could not have been made without my friends, Karen and Michael.

Lastly, I chose to include this photo because I am a major fan of Marvel and DC Comics. Being able to use Adobe Photoshop to work with comics was extremely fun, and this is one of the assignments I am most proud of and had the most fun doing.

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