Napoleon Bonaparte Was he unjust?

Napoleon I, commonly known as Napoleon Bonaparte, was a politician leader as well as an individual whose been in the French military, eventually becoming an emperor of France. Born on an island of Corsica during 1769, nearly 20 years later he had been promoted – quickly going through ranks of the french militia. Not long after, he had grown political power (1799), soon crowning himself emperor around 1804. Being a skilled strategist he had reigned superior in battles, successfully taking lead in wars.

The Rise to Power

After successfully invading the British, France's government was nearly perished; bankrupt — terrible economy due to poor instructors. Tax continued to increase while the people in the streets were either jobless or homeless, sometimes both. Lucien, Napoleon's older brother, was soon elected president of the council of 'Five Hundred'. Luciene extorted Napoleon, saying that if he took away their freedom he would end up being killed. Later ending up getting elected as president, then advancing towards emperor of France.

A Few Successes

It has been noted that Napoleon was a very successful regardless of his weighed down failures, during the revolution of France many serving officers were exiled, which boosted his chances of getting a higher rank – which he did. Being assigned captain not too long after, invaded British forces and becoming quite successful; this gave him recognition and a promotion. Although the 'Reign of Terror' had ceased his progression, he eventually got a come back; the government was surrounded with angry mobs which he had saved, which ended up making him a commander. In his next campaign he had faced and took control over Austrian generals, and continued to defeat them regardless of their armies growing. In Austria's surrender, France had gained land. Being one of France's candy, he had been proved to be a very outstanding genius and a war lord. There would be more battles stated, but they usually ended up with the result of him being successful.


His first downfall being the invasion of Russia, he started with 600,000 individuals in his army, leaving with 40,000. They loss excessive amounts of resources, their horses were either being ate or starved to death. Then at Waterloo he's as unable to achieve his objective: seizing the farm house, he made devastation grow among the horsemen; his attempt for Waterloo quite destroyed his army. Not only that but he failed at getting allies for his fight with the UK; the Contimental System wasn't nearly beneficial for France but instead the UK, nationalism also affected his career when things didn't go hand-to-hand with taxation. When trying to conquer Russia, he followed his thoughts on how to "take control" over Russia, but it seemed his instructions were not carefully planned or thought out. Basically he left France back at where they started, not what he had in mind, eh?

Although he had got France out of trouble many times, and lead them to success, he also put France into many holes—his eagerness for battle was both a downfall and a rise for France. His crave for constant battle ruined him and his surroundings, a success at start but soon things turned upside-down, he was deemed unreliable at this point and quite stubborn. Yes, he was a brilliant strategist but his arrogance ceased him from stopping when severely needed to be. What this article is representing is both his fails and successes, but the question heavily implied by it: was Napoleon a savior? Hero? A villain? Well to me, it seems he was needed to get France's head out of the clouds. Not a savior in a way you may have intended it to be, but it finally got France to actually start doing things that may benefit the country, but other than that, he wasn't quite a fonding experience; considered a villain due to perishing the country—yet causing people to act on his reactions, seeking improvement.

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