Bury Me With My guns On By Bobaflex

Chemical Valley

2010 | Rock

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“This conversations over, it makes no sense to me. -- You could have stopped the suffering, you could have stopped the screams."


  • Bobaflex was established in 1998 by Martin and Shaun McCoy, descendants of the fabled feud.
  • The band left TVT Records during it's bankruptcy process to found their own indie label: BFX Records.
  • The bands home-base is Point Pleasant, West Virginia, home of the Mothman.


Luke Tatum

Do you have this kind of courage? When it comes down it, will you stare evil in the face with death in your eyes? Will you seek this opportunity? Unfortunately, most people don't have this attitude. I know I'm not quite this hardcore myself, and I'm always willing to admit that. The worst part about having great strength, as they say, is having great responsibility. It can get awfully hard, especially with the way things are in the world right now, to correctly identify who is "deserving" of punishment and who isn't. This is why we shouldn't be training people to determine who lives and who dies, and freeing them from the consequences when they make the wrong decisions. So, there you go. This is an anti-cop song now.

Sherry Voluntary

Hot damn, I appreciate this sentiment! I always find it a little funny when progressives argue that "gun nuts," love death and violence when it's quite the opposite. Those who take the pro-self defense stance, value life, while the anti-gun alarmists give lip service to peace and safety, while actively seeking to have you relieved of your best resource in procuring peace and protecting your life and the lives of those around you.

Nicky P

This an interesting song. I'm not sure exactly how it made the list. Maybe someone assumed from the title that it was a pro second amendment song, and in some small way i suppose it is. The writers intention was clearly directed at his anger with any god that can allow awful things to happen here on earth. In the fantastical tale the author lays out his plan to lay siege to heaven and hell in an effort to teach god and the devil what they put humanity through. I think it's not without its parallels to the political process though. There is a reason so many libertarians eschew politics. The song rings like I imagine each of the political parties feels. They're rarely led by a desire to enact positive legislation, and too often led by nothing more than a desire to fight the other side. This has never been proven more true than during the presidency of Trump. No matter what he chooses to do policy-wise the left will stand against it...even if it's something they've been passionately on the side of historically.

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Nicky P