Hector Achean slayer

Trojan warrior

Who was he?

Hector was the son of Trojan king Priam and mother was queen Hecuba. He was the oldest out of all his brothers. He was the strongest fighter out of Troy army

Who's stronger?

There was a point when hector asked the achean army to settled this once and for all and to bring out anyone to fight him one on one. No one in their right mind would freely volunteer because of how great hector was.

This picture shows hector and Ajax fighting one of the only achean fighters who stood a chance besides Achilles


This picture is of hector saying farewell to his wife and son.

Even though hector knew his fate he still went to war because he knew he had a responsibility as warrior and family.Everyone triee to convince him to stay so he won't die but he didn't listen and still fought.


Some say that Achilles and hector mirror each other

These picture are Achilles dragging the body of hector

Hector is a major important character in the Iliad some say he is the true hero of the Iliad he shows courage, honor and being wise.

How's he important?

He killed so many acheans and he was the only the guy holding the Trojans together, he shows how Achilles was suspected to be with all his powers Achilles was afraid to die but not hector, hector would sacrifice himself even thoug it's not his fight

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