My Room Jayden

The smell of dog wafts up your nose as you enter the room.

Pearl white walls, carefully hidden by NRL posters.

Navy blue and black curtains hang in front of the large windows covered in spider webs.

Two shelves filled with books, hats and other things.

Drawers stacked with piles of folded up clothes.

A multi coloured duvet screwed up into a ball lays half on the ground and half on the bed.

Inside the wardrobe dress shirts and jersey's hang tidily on coat hangers.


Created with images by bryanrmason - "Bedroom" • moorthygounder - "My Foxy (German sheperd)3" • JunkByJo - "broncos_dragons1" • mermyhh - "curtain theater velvet" • Pexels - "furniture interior design minimalist" • Joelk75 - "44 shirts" • benjaflynn - "I'm just so tired." • insideology - "Wardrobe"

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