Digital Citizenship

Digital Access: The opportunity of full electronic participation.
Digital Commerce:The selling and buying of electronics.
Digital Communication:To exchange information on electronics.
Digital Literacy: Learning and teaching about technology

Digital Rights and responsibility: It is the freedom that comes with behavioral expectations. An example would be freedom of speech. You have the right of freedom of speech to say what you please, but you have to be responsible what you say online because other people will see it.

Digital Etiquette: The basic rules of technology.

Digital Law: Electronic responsibility for your actions.

Digital Health and Wellness: Using technology safely and appropriately in order to stay healthy. Only using the internet a certain amount of time is an example so that you can stay healthy physically. An example to stay healthy mentally is to only use the internet appropriately. Overall staying online for long periods of time can ruin your health.

Digital Security (self-protection): The protection of your identity online.

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