Orbiting Jupiter by: victoria m.

The main character type in the novel Orbiting Jupiter written by Gary D. Schmidt, is a 14 year old boy named Joseph. This complicated character tries to find his family. The conflict involves Joseph trying to find his infant daughter, Jupiter, who he can't be with because of his difficult past. He feels that it's unfair for him not to be with his daughter. Joseph finds his daughter because of his traits, such as being persistent , intelligent, and loving.

Joseph looking out a window at Jupiter. (The planet)

Joseph is persistent by not giving up on finding and being with Jupiter. No matter where Joseph was he would always try to leave to go find Jupiter. When he was in stone mountain he had tried leaving, but he was unsuccessful, there was barb wire on the top of the fence and he fell and there was a cut from arm to knee.

Joseph is intelligent and appreciates an academic challenge. When he is on the bus he is always reading Octavian Nothing. Joseph also has a good connection with his math, Mr. D’Ulney, because he can figure out geometry work. It appears that Joseph likes school and likes learning. The adults around him see his potential and know that he is very smart, that’s why they challenge him.

Joseph reading Octavius Nothing.

Joseph is also very caring and loving teenage boy. The first person he truly loved was maddie, he loved and cared for her because that was the first person who cared about him. He also loved jupiter. After madeleine died because of complications while giving birth, jupiter was all he had left of her. He persistently loved jupiter no matter what anyone told him.

To find out more on joseph and everyone else check out Ordinating Jupiter at your library.

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