Americans in the Early 1800s By: isaac torres

In the early 1800s America was just beginning to become a new country, and where getting there own styles of things such as politics, music, art, and lititure.

Early american art was just becoming something in their new country. There was different styles of art for different styles of artist. Folk art was a type of art for ordinary people that weren't professionals. Men carved weather vanes and hunting decoys. Women sewed spare bits of cloth into quilts. Untrained artist created signs, murals, and images of national symbols.

Music was just becoming a thing in America in the 1800s, it was mostly heard in church. In the North orchestras played classical music from Europe, people always had balls with classical music and would show off their dance moves. In the South, slaves made up this type of music called spirituals, they took it from hymns of white churchgoers with African musical style. They also entertained themselves with folk songs accompanied by violin, drum, and banjo. Then in the South white composers created minstrel songs, minstrel songs were inspired by African American music. They mimicked their music to honor the black people but some performers mocked African Americans by exaggerating there music and more. What was uniquiqe about music is that it brang everyone together to have a good time.

Literature in America in the early 1800s was starting to get popular. Davy Crockett is a big part of literature, he was a frontiersman but left to become the first United States to be a folk hero and he proved to people that u didnt have to have an education to write a book and be smart. Davy wrote about his life as a frontiersman. That wasn't it, James Fenimore Cooper was the nations first novelist, he wrote about the adventures of settelers in the west. Then, a man by the name of Henry Wadsworth Longfellow wrote Americas first epic poem. All these tales, poems, stories, and more became a indivisual thing that people did and it best characterized the United States.


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