FLORIDA mia rose

Floridas climate is hot and rainy because it is surrounded by the warm waters of The Gulf of Mexico and The Atlantic Ocean,and also because Florida is close to the equator.

This is A photo of floridas climate

A drought would impact Florida by affecting the environment by having animals like fish die,and it may kill crops and some affects may lead to a food shortage.

This is a drought

A single thunder storm affects one location for a extended amount of time.

This a florida thunder storm

Hurricanes and tropical storms bring storm surge and coastal flooding the flooding being from heavy rain.

This is a florida hurricane

A peninsula is a landform.

This is a Florida peninsula

Slowly after the Ice Age the Florida peninsula emerged from the sea growing larger as the ocean continued to get smaller.

This is a another Florida peninsula

The elevation is the height of a landform above sea level.

This is a photo of elevation

Barrier islands are low and narrow islands that line much of Floridas coast.

This is a Florida barrier island

Barrier islands are important to Florida because they form a barrier to protect the coast from storms.

This is another Florida Barrier island

Floridas wetlands are important because only certain kinds of plants can live in wetlands.Rare animals live there to.Wetlands absorb rain water to refill the underground water supply.

This is a Florida wetland

Many lakes formed in central Florida because rain was collected in places where the earth sank.

This is a Florida lake

From the coastal waters,fisher gather shrimp,lobster,grouper,and clams to feed the public.

This is a Florida fisherman

Soft wood trees are one of Floridas natural resources and are important to the local economy.

This is a soft wood tree

Florida has a considerable mining industry thanks to phosphate.Phosphate from the state is ground up and used as fertilizer.

This is a photo of phosphate

Limestone is used for building material, toothpaste, paint, and decorative rock gardens.

this is limestone

For this reason, oil heating is gradually being replaced by other energy sources. On the other hand, it will remain crucial as a raw material for the chemical industry.

this is a photo of oil

Renewable energy relies upon resources that are quickly replenished by natural processes. Nonrenewable energy uses resources that are finite in supply.

this is a renewable resource


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