Botulinum Toxin Helps To Rejuvenate Your Facial Aesthetics

Botox is a popular injection that is used in cosmetics and aesthetics procedures to relax the muscles of facial expressions. These muscles are responsible for causing dynamic wrinkles. This injection if composed of Botulinum toxin type A and completely safe for aesthetic uses.

Botox treatment is a bit expensive, and the cost entirely depends on the Botox units applied for your treatment. It can work effectively if used in appropriate doses according to your age. A professional dermatologist will suggest a specific dose for the treatment after considering some essential factors like your age, expectations, skin condition, treatment area, and affordability. If applied in right doses, it can relax your facial expression muscles and impart a stress-free aesthetic appearance, while maintaining the natural facial expressions.

Famous Dermatologist Dr.Navin Taneja Director of the TheNationalSkinCentre South Extension part I, New delhi suggest