Genetically Modified Apples By Kayla Hess

Arctic Apples are new inventions from a company in Canada. These apples don't brown when cut or bit into.

Unlike most GMO's, the gene that causes apples to turn brown is "turned off" or removed. The gene is manipulated to not brown. The US Apple association explains: "The degree to which an apple browns depends upon that variety's natural levels of polyphenoloxydase (PPL) and Vitamin C (ascorbic acid). The lower the level of PPL, the less the variety will brown."

The non browning apple was created by the US Department of Agriculture. The packaged Golden Delicious apples, is produced by Okanagan Specialty Fruits in British Columbia, Canada. They are under the brand Arctic Apples. The apples were created because of Americas decrease in eating this fruit. Non browning apples tend to be crisper, and more appealing.

Pros of the Arctic Apple: - the apples, when sliced or bit into, they will not brown. - they will be more crispier in texture, winning over picky eaters. -USDA Animal and Plant Health approved the apples - less pesticides would be used to treat the orchards. - no risks, healthful like any other apple

Cons of the Arctic Apple: - has caused controversy. - don't really know the effect on the human body. - GMOs are usually not always labeled. - concerns about silencing genes. -there is nothing wrong with a browning apple, they fear that silencing a main gene would affect whoever ate the apple. - most people agree this is not a natural thing

My personal opinion on GMOs is that I don't think they are okay. You shouldn't alter the way a animal or plant is originally. It's bad how the government and health departments don't require companies to label if the product is genetically modified. Yes, I do see how GMOs can help, and everyone has eaten a GMO, but I don't think it okay.

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