The roaring twenties! time of change. by Blade Bone

the 1920's was definitely a time of change, and an attempt to return to normality. There was defiantly a lot more change than anything. we were introduced to flappers, jazz music, there was a ban on alcohol that made people crave it more, equal right movements and much more.

a nice sum up of 1920

Prohibition in the 1920s

Ban on alcohol. Amendment 18 in 1919 this was known as prohibition nobody was allowed to obtain or drink alcohol for nearly 24 years. There is an old argument about prohibition and whether it was used to help pull families back together or it was used to control the poor, all we know is it was extremely difficult to enforce organized crime, and bootleggers who sold the alcohol. in this time Al Capone pretty much ran Chicago due to all of his crime running with alcohol. The ban finally ended in 1933 when the 21st amendment was made to try and encourage organized crime to move away from alcohol.

Topic 2- suffrage- there was more than one type of suffrage in 1920. There was women's suffrage, blacks suffrage, there were many reality's for blacks such as lynchings, KKK violence and hatred, poor education opportunities, and sharecropping which was very much like slavery. A lot of blacks started migrating up north because they realized the north promised jobs, land, more opportunity, less segregation, and just a lot better life in general for the blacks.

African Americans In the 20's(Harlem Renaissance)

- African American life in the 1920's - Although there was still a lot of racial tension and KKK outbreaks in the 20's, Life for the blacks wasn't all bad. During the Harlem renaissance the blacks increased in numbers of educated and informed African Americans, The blacks realized that there was a lot more racism in the south which resulted in a lot of African Americans to move up north to safer locations, and the black culture increased greatly. They introduced a lot of blues and jazz music to the time.

womens change (flappers)

women had a rough time with equality for ages. the 1920's was a huge step for women and their rights/ indendence. in 1920 the 20th amendment was introduced giving women the right to vote! women also started getting better education by being able to go to college now. Not only did women start gaining rights, but they were starting to fit in with alot of social norms such as casual drinking, smoking, wearing less amounts of clothes, and even gamling. this is where the term "flappers" came from. Rebelious women setting their own social norms. The 1920's was probably the biggest step for females in history!

the 1920's was definitely a time of change for everyone in America. Not all was good, but most of it was great. There was a lot of independence gained in the 20's.


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