Plate Boundary Project By: Khumbo Nyirenda

Convergent boundaries

What are they?

Subduction zone(oceanic crust against continental crust.)

Convergent boundaries occur when two plates collide with each other, sometimes this can create subduction zones. A subduction zone is when an oceanic plate goes underneath a continental plate.

What happens?

Himalayas in Asia.

This can create mountains, volcanoes, earthquakes or subduction zones. The stress that occurs is compression, and that is because the plates are colliding with one another.

What has happened?

1960 Valdivia earthquake in Chile.

May 1960 in Chile the largest earthquake ever recorded killed 5,000 people and left 2 million homeless. Thats not the only thing that happened, landslides, volcanic eruptions and massive tsunamis occurred. This is due to the Nazca plate going underneath the South American plate.

Transform boundaries

What are they?

Transform boundaries occur when plates slide next to each other, this can create faults which is when there is a crack in the Earth's crust.

What happens?

This can create earthquakes and faults. The type of stress that is occurring is shear because the plates are sliding next to each other in opposite directions.

What has happened?

On April 18, 1906 the people of San Francisco were woken by a massive earthquake. It killed 3,000 people and left about 200,000 people homeless. This earthquake occurred because the Pacific plate is sliding against the North American plate.

Divergent boundaries

What are they?

Mid-Ocean Ridge

Divergent boundaries occur when plates separate from one another, this can create a mid-ocean ridge.

What happens?

Erupting Volcano

This can create mid-ocean ridges, volcanoes, faults, continental rift and new crust. The stress that occurs from this is tension, because the plates are moving apart.

What has happened?

Mid-Atlantic Ridge

For millions of years the Mid-Atlantic ridge has been creating new crust and pushing the continents away from each other. It is also breaking apart Iceland into 2 pieces. Later on this will make all of the continents connected agains.

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