January Newsletter From The Carpet Masters

Now that the holidays are behind us, it's time to settle into a new year. This winter is proving to be a cold one, keeping us inside more than we'd like. And as the winter doldrums set in and we're stuck indoors, it's good to know that your home is your sanctuary. Stay warm and cozy. As it always does, this winter will also pass.
A home full of fresh smells is a happy home!

Freshening up Your Home

Does your home have a bad smell that you just can't track down? If you've checked the fridge and trash bins and still can't find where it's coming from, it could be that you need your carpets and upholstery cleaned and an odour removal treatment.

Just like stains, carpet fibers and upholstery fabric can trap odours, making them linger in your home indefinitely. If you think that could be the problem, consider the possible causes of the odours. Here are the most common ones:

  • PET SMELLS: This is probably the most common and obvious cause of odours when you have animals. When pets use your carpet as their potty, the smell can really linger. Even carpet cleaning might not take care of the smell. That's because of the gases released by the bacteria that's digesting the urine. If any of the urine remains in the rug fibres, it will continue to smell. The same is true for vomit, which is another common problem with pets and carpeting.
  • MOISTURE AND DAMPNESS: Sometimes, moisture can get underneath the carpet and carpet pad, leading to musty odours. It can be caused by humidity, spills or potted plants that leak onto the carpeting. A flood can also cause this, for obvious reasons. If not addressed properly, continued moisture can cause mould and mildew to grow under the carpet padding, which will increase the smell and can also create a health risk.
  • FOOD AND DRINK SPILLS: Food and drinks that spill onto carpet can lead to odours. Like pet smells, these organic products attract bacteria. As the bacteria breaks down, it releases smelly gases.
  • CIGARETTE SMOKE: Smoking in the home can cause the carpet to collect the cigarette smoke odour. While the homeowners may not notice it, visitors or someone who purchases the home will definitely smell the smoke. It can be a particularly difficult odour to remove from carpeting.
  • COOKING AND FOOD ODOURS: Grease and food odours, like garlic, pungent spices and fish, can sometimes embed their essences into carpet fibres and fabric. Like smoke, if it's something you've become used to, you might not notice it, but others will.
  • OLD AGE: Carpet is made from fibres. Over time, those fibres break down and start to deteriorate. When the carpet begins to smell old, there is little that can be done. It's probably time to invest in a new one.
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Now that we know the possible culprits, you're ready to do something about it. Sometimes a thorough professional carpet cleaning will do the trick, but it's more likely that you'll need a professional Odour Removal Service to remedy stubborn odour problems.

If you're suffering from any of the odour issues above, we understand your frustration. It can be very difficult to get rid of the stains and odours that everyday living can leave behind. And, when the odours remain, the chance of a repeat performance is greatly increased, making the situation and smell even worse.

At Carpet Masters, we get to the root of the problem, to ensure that your pet stains and odours are removed. We don’t just perform a topical cleaning of your carpet. We get deep down into the carpet fibres, backing, padding and subfloor – without having to lift the carpet! Our Odour Eliminator is a unique breakthrough solution that combines oxidizers with enzymes and odour encapsulates, to remove even the toughest pet urine odors and stains. It completely eliminates odours from urine, feces, vomit, and removes that “wet dog” smell. Our Odour Eliminator can be used on virtually any surface – carpet, upholstery, and even hard porous surfaces.

Now, as the previous article tells us, pet odours and stains aren’t the only things that can get caught in your home surfaces. Stubborn odours caused by smoke, mould, mildew and bacteria can also linger there. Our Odour Eliminator cleans deep to remove those smells as well! Contact Us for a free estimate and to schedule your Odour Removal service.

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