The ABC's of Africa by Jose Morales

A.Is for Africa.Africa is the second largest continant.Africa was apart of the super continant called pangea. for Battles.The battle of Adwa was in March 1,1896,in Ethopia vs the Italians which they defeated. Itala-Ethopian war 1935-36 in Ethopia was when the Italians won the war and took control over Ethopia. for chid soldiers. 120,000child soldiers are used in Africa. Central Africa hs the most child soldiers.

D is for Diomond. In sierra Leon Africa a pastor found a 706 carot diomond. In botswana Has the most Diomonds in Africa.

E is for Ebola. In Africa Ebola was a virus Epidemic. it also was a reson for a Major loss of life.

F is for Flag.Nigiria flag is spscial because it represents it natural wealth also it means peace another flag that symbolyzies good things is the cameroons flag it stands for unity and the star meant Unity

G is for Ghana empire. It was located in the souhtwestern part of the muaritinia and western Mali. 1870 french occupied Ghana

H is for HIV. 69% that have Hiv live the subsaharen part of Africa.91% of the worlds HIV positive children live in Africa . A reason is because most doctors over there don't really know that not washing their hands could cause a problem

I is for Islam.Africa is the first continant where islam spreaded to.1/3 of Muslim Population live in Africa.

J is for Jungle,Trees account for approximately seventy percent of the vegetation in the rainforests.

K is for Mt Kilammanjaro


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