Bridge Building The person in the picture has made Balsa Wood bridges. Balsa wood bridges are made from Balsa Trees. It takes a great deal of time to make these bridges it takes about 50 mins in a class period with designing and testing it will take about 2 and a half weeks.
Bottle Rockets

These people are building Bottle Rockets, it takes about a 50 min. class period it takes about a week and a half. We used 2 or 3 liter bottles and we made our own fins. The fins are what makes the rocket fly straight up. The fins can be made out of anything, some people used paper plates, 1 inch quarter ply wood , styrofoam plates, and Boston wood.

Egg Drop

The egg drop is where students make a protection thing to protect there egg from cracking. You can use any kind of material like yarn a jar of peanut butter stuff like that. It is a fun activity that you can do anywhere. It is a fun fast activity that doesn't take long to build/make your thing that protects the egg.

Toothpick Bridge

The toothpick bridge is where people make bridges out of toothpicks and it takes about a week and a half to make this. It is a fun but confusing process.

Balsa wood Airplane Competition.

This is a competition based on how long your plane stays in the air. You have to make the wings and the tail of the plane it is based on how a plane works.

These people made mouse traps. They made it out of CD's and Balsa wood.

This person made a bottle rocket. The goal is to make the bottle rocket stay in the air for 15 seconds, which seems not very hard but quite a few people failed to do this task.

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