• What is the commercials thesis?
  • Its audience?
  • Its purpose?



  • First and foremost, consult the guideline sheet I've made available to you.
  • Remember to email me before you present: 1.) the study guide your group produced 2.) a breakdown of individual responsibilities
  • You're teaching the class. Come prepared to assign freewrites or small group work or provide discussion questions for the class--but remember your time restraints.
  • You're responsible for reading all essays, not just the one you're presenting. The presenters are leading a class discussion. The only way this works is if the class has read the essays. Presenters have the right/authority to call on their peers if no one is speaking up.
  • If you're confused about a particular essay, come prepared with questions to ask the group presenting that particular essay.


  • Bring a laptop to class. If you do not own or have access to a laptop with Word, you can rent one from the university library. Since this is a timed exam, I'm willing to make accommodations on a one-on-one basis to those who feel more comfortable composing in longhand. If this applies to you, talk to me before or after class at some point this week.
  • You will not be provided questions ahead of time.
  • Tomorrow, we'll set aside some time to practice breaking down essay exam questions. The questions I present for that exercise are questions that I've used for the exam in the past and are questions that will be comparable to the questions you'll see on test day.
  • I can't force you to take the whole class period, but I will strongly advise you to take full advantage of your 50 minutes for proofreading and revising.
  • Here's the rubric for the exam.


  • Study for quiz
  • Continue reading and taking notes on all essays
  • Continue coordinating with your group
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