Cut and Mark Your Pattern two key techniques

My favorite way to cut patterns out is on a counter-height flat surface.

If you're using a rotary cutter, place your cutting mat on the surface first. For the most efficient layout use full-sized pattern pieces, paying very close attention to the grain line. Lay fabric with the wrong side up on the surface and lay the traced pattern pieces opened out on top. The tracing medium will cling nicely to the fabric, but it's still a good idea to use weights (anything will do - cans or scissors or teacups) or pins if you're cutting with scissors.

Full-sized pieces make for a more efficient cutting layout
chalk or other removable marking tools are invaluable

Poke a hole at dart points in the tracing medium before you lay it on the fabric so you can mark through it onto the wrong side of the fabric.

Use the chalk or other marking device to notate interior markings
This is enough of a mark to serve as the dart point.
little notches

Any markings (especially notches) can be snipped within the seam allowance to provide a visible and accurate reference.

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