Montego Bay 25th Anniversary Half Moon

Welcome back "Mr. & Mrs. Jackman"

Private car VIP Arrival
Just after check in 11/11/17

Mike likes the plants

Saturday 11/11/17
Saturday 11/11/17

Our Room with a view! Heather was very happy

11/11/17 The Moo Moo

First Day and having fun already

Island Time... mon

Pool View

First Night at Half Moon

11/11/17 Sat

First Day had a great Sunset and Sunrise

Sunday morning 11/12/17

Pathways to the pool


Lobby early morning

Spent first am hours having a coffee and quick 30min workout

Then a short walk with a view

So many different kinds of Palm Trees

Mountain views behind us

Views that last a Lifetime

Yoga and massage huts


Back at our room's private patio

Sunday 11/12/17

Looking East towards the Lobby


East end private villas on our golf cart tour

Heather found our drink.

Banana Mango Coconut Rum

My horizons are tilted from pool drinks


Champagne on the House

Sugar Mill I

Sugar Mill Restaurant

First meal was a good one

I had Surf & Turf

Heather had Flaming kabob

Health Club Porch is where I started the day at 7:30 with coffee and quick work out

Looking into the Sea Grape Restaurant

Hot Tub at the pool

Marital Bliss

You're saying it wrong....

Looking up

On the Beach

Water was perfect

How you 'Doin?

Happy hour with a Cuban was stellar

Monday Night at Sugar Mill II

View from our table

Monday 11/13/17 8:30p

Back to our private porch

Monday 11/13/17

Tuesday Breakfast

Tuesday 11/14 am

Dolphin Tattoos are very underrated.

Tuesday 11/14 9:30a

Heather in float mode Tuesday 11/14 12pm


Tuesday afternoon on the beach

Just before the all aftermath rain
Tuesday Dinner at Giardino
11/14/17 Dinner
Our waiter "Lenox"

Complaining that the ice cream was "unbearably cold" made him laugh.

The band played on and on but took a break

11/14/17 Tuesday Night

Golf cart ride early morning to the Spa

Mountain View

Just at the end of the New Construction

Waiting it out in the Tea Room at the Spa

Rain Storm holding pattern 11/15/177

During the downpour....

Escape the flood waters in the cart

11/15 wednesday's downpour
Sun was out in afternoon 11/15

Other side of the pool


Wednesday Afternoon


11/15 Wednesday night


Walk of Shame



Thursday morning Steam bath down at the Spa

Great soak it all in in the tiered pools

This Flower of Life had it all, Ants, Bees and Lizards that stare back.

So much to see

"Was the steam bath working?" A: "You wouldn't know!"...oooh!

On my way to the office to talk with head honcho: Sando

Thursday 11/16/17
Thursday Drinks? yup 11/16/17

Drinks, Drinks, Drinks

Drinks by the pool, Drinks on the beach! Your drink is within reach....

More Drinks!

Best Sunset of 2017, maybe of All Time...


Thug Life Happy Hour on Our Porch

Say good bye to the Sun

Thursday Sunset

Off to Sugar Mill One more time SMIII

Friends with the staff.

Tamika 11/16/17 Thursday Night


Rough mind, Rough Surf.......

Rainbow Breakfast

Friday 11/17/17

Friday morning 11/17/17

Fresh Coconut Water Clears the mind.

Reality Sets In

Getting ready to pack it up

All good things come to an end...

Good bye Carlton our pool station

Thanks Teshia!

Our beach girl Teshia

Why are the last views the best?

Soak it in one last view before check out "Jamaica Dave" our neighbor heading to beach...

1:30p Friday departure

Flying back to reality.... until next time Jamaica....
Created By
Mike Jackman

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