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The Holy Roman Empire was located in present-day Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Austria, the Czech and Slovak Republics, as well as parts of eastern France, northern Italy, Slovenia, and western Poland at the start of the early modern centuries

According to the article "Architecture of the Holy Roman Empire" there were Pre-Romanesque, Gothic Architecture, Renaissance Architecture, and Baroque Architecture. The Pre-Romanesque architecture consisted of semi circular arches, small paired windows, and groin vaults. The Gothic architecture were cathedrals where people would go and worship their god. The Renaissance architecture in he Holy Roman Empire placed emphasis on symmetry, proportion and geometry. The earliest example of the Renaissance architecture would be Fuggrer chapel in St. Anne's Church in Germany. Lastly the Baroque architecture on consisted of painting and sculptures the express the triumph of the Catholic Church. Decorations became more abundant and they showed mot colors in even brighter tones. The Holy Roman Empire's architecture was not only a building but it was astonishing art.

Many people in the Holy Roman Empire consisted of Catholics. Christianity the was growing and spreading fast all throughout Europe. This allowed the people to feel better emotionally and physically while believing in the Holy Roman Empire. Charlemagne has guided his people in the right direction by defending his people from emperors. Charlemagne wanted his empire separated from others. Religion was not only the reason that this empire has begun but it was also about politics. Video link (http://study.com/academy/lesson/the-holy-roman-empire-politics-religion.html)

According to the article "Holy Roman Empire" from Encyclopedia is states "The Holy Roman Empire was a feudal monarchy" which means that it has its basis in relationship between landowners and the people who work the land in return for the nobles' protection. This idea of feudal monarchy was an adequate choice for the people to follow because it was the least complex way to go about things. This created three social classes with the kings on the top, noble man in the middle and the slaves on the bottom. This was a great idea because the slaves got protection from the upper class because of their work. This idea properly distributed both social and economic wealth throughout their society.

The Holy Roman Empire used the Black Sea to trade for goods such as wine, food, jewels, clothing and spices by sailing across the sea to places like China. Soon the Romans made a silk rode to make trade easier than before. The only negative part about that the silk rode is that the Holy Roman Empire was unable to reach countries that were farther away from them. It would was worth to travel across the sea because the Holy Roman Empire than got to see items that they have never thought or saw in their life. The currency the Holy Roman Empire used were just coins. There was no such things as paper currency until later on.

According to the article "Social Classes in 16th Century Holy Roman Empire" is says that the social structure from top the bottom was the "Princess, Lesser Nobility, the Clergy, the Patricians, the Burghers, the Plebeians, and the peasants". This social structure was well developed and strictly followed. Without this kind of social structure the Holy Roman Empire would not have succeeded as for as it had. In the end, the Holy Roman Empire is the best economic system because it provides the society a spiritual life. People will have a god to worship to make themselves feel emotionally better. Not only does it provide a spiritual life but it also has a strong economy because of its easy trade through water ways. This allows the Holy Roman Empire to get goods from other places which the people can benefit from.


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