Go Go Geometry! Created by Mrs. Stone

BALLOONS Flying High!
The hot air balloons go up and down and right and left. This is like a slide! A slide in math language is known as a "translation".

The picture below is from my grade 7 textbook. It shows a translation of rectangle JKLM. This rectangle has been translated 4 units to the right and 3 units up. The new image is labelled J'K'L'M'. The image (which is the name given to the shape that has been transformed) has prime symbols (') on it. You can notice that a translation does not change the shape or size of the original shape, just the location! Just like the balloons in the previous picture. Their shape doesn't change as they go up and down, just their location changes.

Slides are known as TRANSLATIONS.

I like to play chess. Most moves in chess are translations because they are forward and backward over a certain distance. Each part of the chess piece is moving in the same way. The chess piece has not changed shape after the move.

Another game that involves translations would be the rubik's cube. These guys can sure make it move!!!

We travel places by translating our bodies using our foot power!

Now, onto rotations!

A shape is rotated around a point in a counter clockwise direction or a clockwise direction. The shape has been moved or transformed after a rotation but the shape has not changed. It's orientation or direction that it is facing has changed but not the shape.

Skaters who can spin are excellent rotators. They are rotating around a fixed point. Good skaters can spin around one spot without "travelling."


Dilations are....


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