Birmingham Riots By: ben heaney

Background: The riots were provoked by the bombings at the motel where MLK and other black leaders were staying. This angered the black community so much that they decided to start riots, to protest the attempts against their lives

Goals of this event: The goal of this riot was to bring attention to the violence towards black people.

Who was involved: MLK, African america men, Police, KKK, The politicians of the time.

Important People involved: MLK and Malcom X. They impacted the riots because they were the ones attacked

Obstacles: The protesters had to face the obstacle of operation Oak Tree, where JFK was going to send in troops to detain and stop the protesters, with the troops moving in closer the rioters had to worry about the national guard being there and reinforcing the police and ultimately stomping out their riot.

Outcomes: This riot led to a string of riots that lasted about a year. Overall the government didnt really do anything to change the attempts on the black leaders lives. But when they used operation Oak Tree, and it led to the repeated use of this operation to shut down all the other riots that ensued.

Connection: I connected this to the Black Lives Matter Protests because they both sprouted from violence towards black people and the goals of the protests were to bing attention to the issue.


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