The Coalition How money, regulations, and media deny American people better government

and doesn't...

Thesis: Campaign money, elections regulations, and the Mass Media deny the American people better government based on the extent each element allows and limits the people themselves.
Campaign Money

Money that fuels campaigns has immense influence. It can:

  • Control ideals
  • Withhold opinions looking to be expressed
Campaign Regulations

Regulations can range between...

  • Constitutional Provisions
  • Voting Rights
  • Districting
  • Campaign finance
If there were no regulations
American elections and campaigns represent a dynamic and vital link between citizen and government.

The Media

The Mass Media shape and influence government and politics by….

  • influencing political opinions of voters.
  • determining the behavior of candidates and officials.
  • setting the public agenda.
The influence of media on 21st century politics.
Is the media truly as affected by influence as sometimes claimed?


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