CrowdMi Design journal

CrowdMi (previously, Voxpopy) is a dating application with the unique feature of having a third-party person act as your matchmaker.

The scope of the work included (A) revising the current state to improve appeal and usability, and (B) to explore additional features.

Version 1 Look-and-Feel for Match Making

The design effort required conducting business owner and user interviews, user observation for two user types ("matchmakers" and "daters"), and focus groups; creating personas, mood boards, design tiles, card sorting, flow diagrams, and various prototypes (paper, low-fidelity, and hi-fidelity).


Current scope includes 4 roles:(1) Dater, (2) Matchmaker, (3) Dater + Matchmaker, (4) Event Planner. Here's a sample persona for Pete, the Matchmaker.

I used a template I like from XD training for personas. I've added a block for the test login information used in the beta version.

Card Sorting and Flow Diagram

After a match is determined, I want the app to provide a way for the matchmaker to reserve a curated date for the couple s/he has paired together. I used KDU card sorting in Google Docs during a focus group to prioritize and categorize date data, and to draft up a flow diagram.

Concept Prototypes

Based business stakeholder and focus group input, I created paper prototypes, recorded a user test.

For the user test, I asked the user to find and reserve a pre-paid/pre-planned date. I left out some features I had planned to include as the screens were getting too cluttered.

Watch the user interview here.

Low-Fidelity Prototype

This sample uses Adobe XD "Share for Review" function for the CrowdMi date planning function.

Mood Board

While creating a mood board for the matchmaking app, I got overly focused on shape and color and atmosphere, all very sensual concepts. I intended black, white, and gray to capture solitude and color to evoke socializing. I included many images of people in the mood board, and when I showed it to a peer, he commented on the lack of diversity. Best feedback ever! Take a look at the before and after below, and I think you'll agree that the mood board flourished when I responded to that feedback.

^ Before ------------------------------ After ^

Style Tile

Using the eyedropper function in Adobe Illustrator, I was able to capture colors from the mood board to build the style tile.

Deciding on the dartboard background color was not easy as I'm using very light and very dark colors. Finally I decided to have a two-tone background.

High-Fidelity Prototype

This prototype uses advanced XD functions, such as using the Repeat Grid, symbols, and character styles.

The scenario I designed for is to suggest or reserve a bike riding date with one of your matches in a dating app. Check out my XD prototype to see how it works.