The Impact of Values and Normailies Erika Opperman

“From the media to peers, an array of societal factors can shape the ways in which teens act" (Health iBook, Pg 9).

Media and Advertising

“Between TV, the movies, online videos and all of the other media sources out there, it's no wonder that these societal influences can shape a teen's behavior for good or for ill” (Page 9).

Healthy living also includes a healthy mind. Many of the media or news channels focus on more of the violent or depressing news to make a good news report. This creates a negative effect on a person by having them realize the bad things going on inside this world today. It is important that you focus more on the good in people and not so much about all of the negative in this world. For every negative situation, there is always at least 3 good outcomes from it.

School and Laws

“This knowledge might help teens to think twice before engaging in risky or illegal activities such as underage drinking, drug use or drinking and driving” (Page 11).

School is a very impactful place of learning subjects. But it isn't just the things that teachers teach you that come out of school, you learn how to communicate with your peers and face difficult obstacles. It is important to have a healthy mindset by working out a difficult problem in the fairest and most impactful way possible. Another influence are laws. With a healthy mindset, learning these laws can help you prevent from making a stupid mistake that could get you into trouble and ruin your reputation. A unhealthy mindset wouldn't pay attention to the laws and make a mistake that could end in violence or point deductions from your drivers license, etc.


“A reputation of integrity takes a lifetime to build and only a careless moment to destroy” (Page 11).

Last year I deleted all of my social media apps off of my phone for a whole month to see how it would effect me. During the time I found that it was difficult knowing that I was out of some of the latest trends and couldn't check my Friday horoscope :) but I found myself being a lot happier. I was reading a ton more books and doing a lot more things around the house. I also found that I felt more rested since my phone keeps me up later at night, but I didn't have social media so I was able to tell myself to go to bed earlier. All in all, it was a very healthy and productive experience and I enjoyed it very much. I only own one social media app which is twitter and ever since that experience I don't find myself on it as often.

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