Berlin Airlift by Humza Khalil

The Berlin Airlift took place after World War 2 from 1948-1949. It was the resolution the the Berlin Blockade crisis.

After World War 2, The Allies wanted to rebuild Germany and the Soviet Union wanted to destroy it. They agreed to divide Germany into four zones for the US, The British, The French, and The Soviets to control. Berlin was in the Soviet Zone, and each country wanted to have their influence and their own zone in Berlin. Berlin was divided into four zones. The Soviets did not like this agreement because they thought that they should have full control over Berlin because Germany had already invaded Russia twice and it was in the Soviet zone. The US combined their zone with Great Britain's zone and it was called Bi-zonia. Together, the US and Britain made a new currency and was beginning to make a free economy for West Berlin and West Germany. The Soviets did not like this so they pushed the Allies out of Berlin and on June 24, 1948 the Soviets made the Berlin Blockade. the blocked all rails, roads, and water paths to Berlin. This did not stop the Allies.

There was no way for the Allies to supply their Berlin zones from the ground so they had the idea of supplying their zones through the air. They didn't give up because they wanted Europe, especially Germany, to be capitalist and not communist. First, the Allies referred to the Berlin Airlift as Operation Vittles. The Allies thought the Airlift wouldn't have to last long and The Soviets would lift their blockade. The Soviets kept the blockade standing for 11 months. The US and Great Britain realized that the Airlift was a great way of supplying their zones and showing people that capitalism is better. In total The Allies had supplied 2.5 million tons of goods to their zones in the 11 months of the Berlin Airlift. The Soviets realized that the Blockade wasn't working so they ended their blockade on May 12, 1949. The Allies kept their airlift until September 30 because it was the best way of supplying. They stopped because of electricity and fuel shortage.

One Cold War event The Berlin Airlift connects to is the Arms Race. This is when the Soviets and The US armed their army and became ready for war. The competition between the US and The Soviets was very intense and the tension was very high. Both sides wanted the world and especially Europe to be like them. The Berlin Airlift is connected to the Arms Race because it was one of the first events in the Cold War where tension was high and The Soviets and the US would be in competition for World domination.

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