Who is the Iceman practically and, The Theory I believe of how Otzi Died! By: Ashveen Gujar

Who is the Iceman Practically?

The Iceman, Otzi is a preserved mummy that lived around 5300 years ago, who was discovered in 1991 by two hikers on a glacier close to the border of Italy and Austria. Scientists gave the name Otzi to Iceman when they were doing research about him. Due to being discovered close to the border of Italy and Austria, it was a problem for people to declare whether Otzi was found in Italy or Austria. After Otzi had been found by the hikers, helicopters came for rescue to get him out of the ice and to take him back for some testing by anthropologists. After further tests and research done on Otzi by anthropologists they used carbon dating on him and found out that the mummy was 45 years old and, anthropologists found out that Otzi lived during the Copper age, that was before the Egyptians lived! Otzi is really special because one, he lived before the Egyptians in the Copper age and second, Otzi's clothing and weapons gave anthropologists a better look at what the Copper age looked like in the past.

This is Otzi frozen in ice about to be rescued and taken to anthropologists for some research!

The Theory I believe of how Otzi died!

There are four theories in total of how Otzi died, but I think the real way Otzi died was theory one, Otzi was stabbed in the back and was in hand-to-hand combat with an attacker. When Otzi was just climbing up a mountain an attacker had attacked him, Otzi tried to defend himself by using a dagger he had in his hand. Unfortunately, Otzi was killed by the attacker and anthropologists found he had two wounds on his right hand and after doing an x-ray on him anthropologists also, found he was stabbed on his wrist. Ouch! I believe this is the correct theory of how Otzi died 5300 years age because when Otzi lived it would be common for people to just go out and try to kill someone. This might seem odd but 5300 years ago a lot of people would need to keep themselves safe and their families so, when Otzi might have been hiking the person might have thought Otzi might have been an attacker so, he attacked Otzi to protect himself. Lastly, I think that Otzi died due to being in a fight with an attacker and I believe this is the correct theory of how Otzi died!

This is a picture of Otzi arm, anthropologists have taken a x-ray of Otzi and this was a x-ray of his hand after the attacker had stabbed him in the hand and wrist.

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