Highlights of the Week Archive YOUTH AT RISK NETWORK (YARN) - previous weekly highlights

Last updated: 29.05.2020


This archive will contain all previous weekly highlights shared within the Youth at Risk Network Live Information Resource for Young People - Keep Calm, Be Safe & Stay Connected.


#1 Beyond Blue - Coronavirus Mental Wellbeing Support Service

Beyond Blue are providing a variety of ways to connect to receive information, advice and strategies to help you manage your wellbeing and mental health during this time. You can connect via the phone, view resources to stay connected and look after your mental health or even connect through online community forums where you can share your experiences with others.

#2 Youth Work IO - Online Time Capsule

Would you like to remember in a year from now how you felt and how you spent your time during the pandemic? Youth Work IO have created a digital time capsule, it's simple really, you write a letter to your future self, and they will e-mail it to you a year later.

#3 NASA Space Centre App - A Virtual Experience

Have you ever dreamt about going to space? NASA is providing a unique virtual experience which will give you a glimpse into what life is like at the NASA Space Center in Houston. You’ll be able to explore the Moon, watch the Saturn V launch, and more, all with the power of augmented reality.

#4 A Stitch In Time - Free Online Course Mental Health & Self-Care

At any point in your life have you felt a little less than mediocre? Are you concerned about mental health issues, especially given what's happening in the world at this time? A Stitch in Time is providing an amazing opportunity to participate in a free online course that will assist in providing you with tools to begin to focus on taking control of your mental health.

#5 Headspace Plays Skribbl.io - Online Social Drawing Game

Headspace Joondalup and headspace Osborne Park will be hosting a weekly online games group for young people. Skribbl.io is like an online version of pictionary. You can drop in for a game or two to meet others, and if required, ask questions about mental heath, how to help a friend and get info on support services. You will be connected via Zoom, but you don't have to use the video/audio functions if would prefer not to.

#6 Disney World - A Virtual Experience

Virtually experience Walt Disney World attractions, rides, shows, hotels, monorails, trains, boats, park areas, and more within an interactive 360º video environment. Virtual Disney World offers a complete immersive experience like never before. Simply pan the camera anyway you wish by moving your smart phone or iPad to what you want to see or if you have a virtual reality headset enjoy the experience on a whole new level.

#7 Calm - Support for Mental Fitness, Sleep & Relaxation

Calm is a free app available to download through your device that helps to reduce stress and enhance well-being. The 7-step program teaches you to meditate, get a more restful sleep and become more mindful of your body. Calm offers video lessons on gentle movement, audio masterclasses by mindfulness experts and exclusive music to help you relax.

#8 Perth Zoo - Live Cam, Virtual Talks & Home Safari

Perth Zoo has come up with creative ways to share behind the scenes footage of what goes on around the Zoo. You can get up and close with the animals through the live cam, at the moment you can view a giraffe's bedroom, attend a virtual keeper talk or check out some great activities for kids at the Home Safari.

#9 Fender - Learn to Play Guitar, Bass or Ukulele

Have you ever wanted to learn to play the guitar, bass or ukulele? Fender are offering three months of free online lessons. During the free trial you will be able to view easy-to-follow lessons, track your progress, and play the songs you know and love.

#10 Supporting New Parents during the Coronavirus Pandemic

For some, their first Mother's Day experience will be during a global pandemic. Becoming a new parent is a scary, exciting new responsibility at the best of times, so what does that look like now in this new world? In the article below you can learn how best to support new parents during this time, what resources may help make life a little easier and check out links to other support services.

#11 Perth's Best Picnic Spots, Bike Trails & Camping Grounds within the Metro Area

Restrictions are easing in Perth! Of course, this doesn't mean we're back to 'normal' yet, there are still social distancing measures in place to protect ourselves and the community. The easing of the restrictions allows you to partake in non-contact recreational activities with up to 10 people including yourself within the Perth Metropolitan Area, such as; having a private picnic in the park, fishing, hiking and camping. Urban list has provided the goods once again, check out the links below for some of the best sports in Perth to enjoy some of these activities.

#12 Harry Potter at Home - Virtual Resources in the Wizarding World

The Harry Potter Home Hub is casting a Banishing Charm on boredom. Within the Hub you can find the latest magical treats, special contributions, magical craft videos, quizzes, puzzles and more. Hit the discover button and take a tour of the Warner Bro. Studio in London, Universal Studios around the World and even the Harry Potter Film Concert Series.

#13 IDAHOBIT Day - How You Can Take Part

This Sunday the 17th of May is International Day Against Homophobia, Biphobia, Interphobia & Transphobia (IDAHOBIT). On this day in 1990 the World Health Organisation declassified homosexuality as being a mental disorder. Australia has come an incredibly long way in the recognition and celebration of people identifying as LGBTIQ+ since then although there is still a long way to go. Whether you identify yourself or you consider yourself to be an ally, you can check out the list within the website below to see how you can get involved and celebrate on this day.

#14 Author Your Life Masterclass

Have you ever wanted to write a story, but not quite sure where to start? On the 23rd of each month starting in May you can attend the 'Author Your Life Masterclass'. In these online classes you will learn how to take command of your life story through writing. Everyday you will start with a blank page, your story won't be written yet and you will get to decide what gets written on that page. Whatever the starting point, you will find a new direction through this masterclass series.

#15 Get Educated for Free - Online Courses

Open Colleges Australia has compiled a list of 50 free online courses. Whether you want to learn purely because you love learning or you want to build upon your skills and resume/CV you will find a range of learning opportunities within the list, including; free courses, free trial periods, lectures from all around the world and more.


#16 Propel Youth Arts - KickstART Virtual Market

Propel Youth Arts is the peak body for youth arts within WA. They are dedicated to creating access and opportunities for young people to engage in arts. Each year Propel host the KickstART Festival, this year they have adapted the festival, making it accessible virtually. For an entire week you can view and engage in creative workshops, talks, performances and more all by young people, for young people. Check out the schedule and more information in the link below.

#17 Foodbank WA - Online Nutrition Workshops

Our friends over at Foodbank WA are providing free Online Nutrition Workshops during May and June. The four-week Nutrition Education Workshop will teach you skills in healthy eating, label reading and budgeting with university qualified nutritionists and dietitians. Foodbank WA are also offering another four-week Nutrition Education Workshop for Parents, which will provide you with knowledge and skills to confidently prepare nutrituous meals for yourself and your family. Bookings can be made online and you can participate from the comfort of your own home.

#18 Galaxy Drive-In Cinema

Perth's only drive-in cinema, Galaxy Drive-In Cinema will be re-opening it's gates this Friday night! Whilst regular cinema's are still in the no-go zone, you can still enjoy a movie on the big screen every Tuesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday night. Park up, get the popcorn out, lay back and enjoy double screenings each night of the weekend! Now showing: Sonic the Hedgehog & Playing with Fire.



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