Are you ready to explore what it's like to start and build sustainable communities on mission in your places of work, churches, and neighbourhoods, and homes? Is God calling you to start a fellowship or plant a church? Would you like to be a part of something bigger that God is doing in the city and world at large? Are you presently in or leading a small group (or equipping others to lead) and looking to move beyond merely meeting regularly to adapting a dynamic posture for mission?

If your answer is "yes" to any of the above then Launch C3M could help you to take the next step in faith to get you to where God wants you to be with like-minded others.

Launch C3M is a fresh approach to learning how to start and sustain communities on mission. It is a collaborative learning environment where you will gain the critical competencies to build and grow your team (creative, business, church small group, or new church initiative) to more intentionally be on mission where God has placed you.

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What are C3Ms?

C3M stands for Covenant Creative Communities on Mission. C3Ms are Christ-centric, person-oriented, and project-based communities on mission.

Another way of putting it:

C3Ms are covenant learning circles that actively engage the whole creative faculties of participants for the excellent work of mission while collaborating on a short-medium-long term mission-focused project.

How does it work?

Gather as project based communities on mission applying creative design solutions to real world issues. The various communities of practice will serve as avenues for immersive learning with others while addressing critical issues facing our worlds and in the process laying a foundation for vibrant and creative community with others in Christ.

Who's involved?

Launch C3M is designed for those who are exploring and would like to learn how to build and grow sustainable teams (communities on mission) with people in their respective places of work, neighbourhoods, churches, and networks.

Launch C3M is also for those who are presently in or leading small groups but are looking to move beyond meeting regularly to adapting a dynamic posture for mission that brings out the best in their participants and congregations.

Launch C3M would be a great way for both men and women who are artists, creatives, working professionals, home-makers, young and old etc. who are seeking to make a world of a difference in their respective contexts and who would like to be a part of something bigger that God is doing in the city and world at large. Launch C3M will help in equipping them with the appropriate tools and skills to build, grow, and be a part of a vibrant creative community.


Launch C3M participants will gather either weekly or twice a month (for about an hour and a half approx.) in online sessions over 8 months. Participants will bring to the table their experiences, share concerns, interact with resources/readings, discuss insights and implications for mission, and pray with others.

Participants will have a chance to be further equipped by sharing in local hub networks that could happen in person or online as well as contribute to live discussions via webinar focusing on pertinent topics and best practices related to starting and sustaining C3Ms.


Integrated learning encourages participants to intentionally reflect on what they are learning as they immerse themselves in the experiences of a community on mission. Participants will be guided through a process of learning that helps them to dig beneath conceptual and ideological claims to uncover worldview.

Integrated learning is not so much about coming with up the right solutions, but learning how to ask the right questions.

Integrated learning is an iterative process that involves monitoring and modifying behaviour as we journey with others on mission.


Nothing like the perfect biryani!

As you journey with your discipleship team through Launch C3M you will:

Build your discipleship team, putting discipleship at the core of what it means to be the Church on mission instead of being incidental and peripheral;

Identify your gifts and clarify your calling, vision, and mission bringing it in alignment with the creative person and work of Jesus Christ the Master Creator God wherever he is inviting you to follow him or has placed you. This is discipleship at its core;

Develop a fresh awareness of your capacity, strengths and weaknesses, to learn and lead in the context of doing life with others;

Discover how the biblical concepts of creativity and beauty compare and contrast with the so-called aesthetics of popular culture, and how these can reshape afresh our understanding and practice of Church and its various ministries;

Learn how the Gospel helps to artfully cross boundaries and meaningful engage with others in deep and meaningful dialogue that allows for mutuality in mission;

Activate your creative and imaginal intelligence for bringing about sustainable social change;

Learn to craft a rule and rhythm for creative mission that facilitate missional flow and cultural engagement;

Explore what it means to develop “new spaces” for innovation that allow for the creative re-missioning of your church or small group;

Learn to develop cultures that are inclusive, foster opportunity for dialogue, and invite participation of others.

Learning Pathway

Competencies gained through participation in C3M learning communities

SECTION 1: Inspire - In this section we begin to explore what it means to be creative. We learn how to start and sustain covenant creative communities for mission through a paradigm of creativity that is biblical and missiological:

Creative Intelligence - Discover creativity as a fundamental theological orientation for what it means for the church to flourish in the world including discovering our unique calling and multifold people gifts.

Missional Creativity - Learn the dynamics of the 5-fold missiological framework for creativity (being, design, beauty, community, and performance) and how these apply toward designing cultures for shared leadership, retaining the flexibility of organism while resisting the crystallising influence of institutionalisation.

SECTION 2: Imagine - In this section we learn to activate our discipleship for God’s creative purposes. Far from an abstract concept, the imagination is a concrete and real way that shapes our thinking and active witness in the way of Christ and his followers as we ourselves become disciples and make disciples of others:

Imaginal Intelligence - What does it mean to be disciples of Christ in the places that he is calling us to follow him, places where we may not normally go? Here we begin to see how the outward journey is dynamically related to our willingness to journey inward with Christ confronting inherent failures and inadequacies, in the strength of Christ. Here we learn to identify and cultivate missional rhythms and rules that help develop creative identity and community that foster cultural engagement with others.

Imaginal Witness - How do we negotiate Christian truth and witness in a culture that comes across as inherently lukewarm and even antagonistic toward Christ? The context for discipling is co-missioning with others. Learn to identify and cultivate the creative capacities of others, bring out the best in others and yourself in the context of community.

SECTION 3: Illumine - Here we learn to embody and retell the Story of Christ as we familiarise ourselves with the dynamics of enculturation as it applies to joining with others in their respective contexts, learning to speak their languages of creativity, and extending the invitation to share in the ongoing creative work of God in a clear and compelling way.

Creative Mission - Here we deep dive into a theology of creativity as it applies to the ways in which we share and participate in the larger Story of creation (noun and verb). As we come to grips with sharing in the primal and essential creativity of every person irrespective of their religious, social, and cultural background we develop a solid theological foundation for enculturation with, rather than to, others.

Creative Architecture- Creativity is a posture for mission. Here we begin to understand the unique architecture of the various missional spaces learning the cultural distinctions that distinguish covenant creative communities for mission as a unique space for “net making” with others.

SECTION 4: Interrogate - How do we sustain a posture for creative mission amid the realities of everyday life? Here we learn to do cultural exegesis, engaging in simple ethnographic research methods as we immerse ourselves in culture, and learn the basics of participatory action research as a tangible way to bring about sustainable social transformation with our teams.

Creative Dialogue - As we per-form into the likeness of Christ with others we learn the dynamics of dialogue for effective prophetic engagement, artfully and intentionally crossing cultural boundaries, restoring social capital, and building bridges in the world for mutuality in mission with others.

Creative Justice - As we share in the irrevocable creative flow of “gifts and calling” in Christ, here we learn to hear and see through the lens of Christ’s compassion, discerning where he is at work and joining Christ in the places he is calling us to bridge the gap, bring reconciliation where there is conflict, and meet the needs in the light of God’s vision and provision for a given people.

Joining a Covenant Creative Community on Mission (C3M) is a sure step to help you do what you were created to be and to do: Be your creative best and learn how to build a better world using your creative gifts, with others.
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Uday Balasundaram