THE NEW NORMAL Stories from in-between


This is has been a tricky time for all of us. And it just got trickier.

We want to hear and share your stories. Everyone’s experience has been different. We want to create a community that sees, hears, and recognises each other.

The idea.

Share with us what’s happening for you right now. Show us what is happening just for you – or get a gang together and join forces.

It can be any format: video, animation, sound, images, interviews, website, documentary, an experience - anything we can engage with online.

It doesn’t need to be fancy, (but it can be if you want). We’re interested in your story. This is a place for you to be creative, whatever that means for you.

The details.

  • Keep it short - think of the things you can engage with online
  • It can be any format
  • Make sure that you own the rights and have permission from anyone you involve
  • This is a creative opportunity to reflect on what has changed during the pandemic. What is different for you? How has 2020 impacted you so far?

What if I need some help?

If you need help reach out! We have student Digital Coaches available daily who can help you with your assessments as well as personal creative projects. We also have the Adobe Digital Hub that can help with specific Adobe programs, just let us know what you need!

Where will this be seen?

Your work will be published on Swinburne social media and news outlets, and the Adobe Live platform.


The ownership of your work will remain with you! You’ll sign a license that will allow Swinburne to publish your work with full credit, and protect you from any misrepresentation or manipulation.

This means you can use this work for assessment or in your professional life. We just want to share it!


  • Full ownership and permission attached to all the work (this can be created collaboratively)
  • Acknowledgement of any Adobe Creative Cloud tools used in the creation/development of your work

Recent submissions.

Swinburne student submissions (click to enlarge): Nicky Price (top left); Aidan Krott (top right). Sylvio Abisha (bottom left); Julia Stella (bottom right). Go to all our recent submissions.

(If this link doesn't work for you, please email to: adobehub@swin.edu.au)

It's time to hear your voice.

For more information oget in touch with our Adobe Digital Coaches. They're students, just like you!

Created By
Clare Dyson