Clean Water for Africa

Do you ever go to your kitchen and drink a glass of water, or do you go to the toilet when necessary? Well, this is not like that for a lot of people in Africa. “According to the WHO, in 2004 only 16% of people in sub-Saharan Africa had access to drinking water.” This means that people can get dehydrated or they are so desperate that they drink polluted water, this can cause infections or including death. In this essay I will talk about a lot of problems that involve water, specifically in Africa.

In Africa there is a lot of problems. One of the main ones is the lack of access to having drinking water or sanitation. This is a very bad problem that we need to solve as soon as possible, because without water, there's no life.

WHO stated “There are limited sources of water available to provide a clean drinking water to the entire population of Africa.” I'm sure you are asking yourself, what causes some problems like this in countries like Africa? Well, something that causes this problem is poverty.

A solution that I can give is make campaigns of recollecting bottles of water or money to buiildghg toilets. We need to build toilets because, that's why water is contaminated. Particles of wastes go to the water, this is another reason why people that maybe drink that water get sick. Also, a simple thing we can do is not wasting water, because if we waste water, we are going to end with the little drinking water they have, because most of it is contaminated.

We should keep seeing this problem as something very bad, because without water you can not live, and it feels very bad to be thirsty, and because we as a community, the community of the world, need to help others when needed, and when you are doubting if helping or not, just ask yourself, How would I feel?

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