Instructional Technology Newsletter April 2019

Important reminder

All teacher web pages will be taken down following the end of this school year

Beginning this summer PDSD will begin the process of updating and refreshing our web presence. Teachers will no longer have a webpage associated with them. A link will simply be provided to your email account.

If you would like to preserve content that is posted on your page please take some time to capture that content. An excellent idea is to take the most valuable or necessary content and add it to Schoology so it can be re-used as a resource for the following year. Link on how to do this. I would be happy to help with this process.

Our Communications Coordinator, Lisa Palmarini is leading this initiative and would be the point of contact for questions or concerns you may have. Lpalmarini@pdsd.org

20+ Schoology tips and tricks!

Small details matter and this presentation outlines 20+ tips and tricks you may not be aware of.

The button below is a link to 20+ quick tips and tricks presentation you may not be aware of. This is an excellent resource if you are looking for those small changes that can make a big difference!

PDSD Schoology resources & information

All the "HOW TO" resources in 1 location

All "how to" information can be found here. As new content is created it is added to this course. To access in Schoology: click courses - my courses - join courses and put in the code: RJCSD-R24C9

new! Boclips for teachers excellent alternative to youtube

curated video collections specifically for teachers as well as ad free, vetted content!

K-2: Get students to G. forms or google items easily with

QR codes & classlink

Everything you and the student need is already in classlink!

It is often a challenge to get our youngest students to the Google Forms or other Google items without what feels like 100 clicks and all the remaining patience a teacher can muster. By ulitilizing a tool students are already familiar with, Classlink, we can have students access the helpful and time saving features of Google Forms in a single click. Take a moment to view the video to discover how!

Google Earth and Maps Lessons for Five Subject Areas

Add engagment and connections to the real world!

Adding enagement and making lessons real for students is a consistent challenge most teachers face. The article below demonstrates a variety of ways to utilize Google Earth to address content in subject areas of language arts, math, Science, PE and Art.


Create Stunningly realistic virtual flipbooks with shareable urls from any Slidedeck or PDF you have!

Need a stunning ebook to share with parents without permission issues? Look no further than Flipsnack! Flipsnack offers the ability to turn any PDF into a beautiful digital book for free (okay well 3 free items)! If you or students have a slide presentation simply save as a PDF then upload to Flipsnack. A beautiful digital book has been created! The only downside to the free account is all published materials are made public. You can create an account using your Google login which is fast and convenient.


Force A copy of Google Doc FOR ALL WHO CLICK THE LINK SIMPLY by changing the url

Why would this be helpful?

  • No additional instructions for others to access the doc, they just click the link, it forces a copy to open in their Google account!
  • If you need students to have their own copy, in their account, quickly, everytime, without issues! Change the url post it, have them click the link.
  • Avoids others asking for access to a doc or editing rights, they will have their own copy

Congratulations to our 10 Google certified educators so far this year!

A special congratulations and thanks for all of your effort!

Duston Gladfelter, Elisha Deni, Nicole Gordon, Michael Stadnicki, Laura O'Kane, Vivienne Cameron, Jennifer Coffman, Kerry Smith, Lou D'Alonzo, Casey Simpkins

A total of 44 since this became a differentiated supervision option last year!

I know we have others looking to finish up! Please let me know how I can help.

Tech tools for the arts

Google tools and activities for art


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Thank You

cgorniok@pdsd.org X8318 @CgorniokEdTech on Twitter

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