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I am going to share this long-loved family recipe, which I have shared over the years with a few good friends only. It is one of my favorites and is even better reheated the next few days! It is Chicken & Broccoli Casserole!

I am even going to teach you some of the alternate options I have used in the past and I may even share one more recipe that my husband is crazy about and requests often!

Family recipe

I will start by sharing the recipe for this delicious casserole which in the beginning when I first made this it would take me up to 10+ hours to make because I started with the two full chickens and would have to wait for it to cool off before I could tear it apart and shred the chicken in to bite size pieces. I have started using already cooked rotisserie chicken from the store or even just beasts cooked and cut with knife and fork.

The odd X is when I transferred writing it to another cookbook.

Step 1. Laying out chicken

Get a layer of diced chicken in the bottom of a casserole pan or cake pan.

On top of that chicken layer cooked and drained broccoli. You can use fresh or frozen. I have used each but use frozen most. I also take scissors or a knife to chop the larger pieces into smaller sizes.

Step 2. Laying out broccoli

Now you have two layers down and on top of the broccoli you want a layer of sliced American cheese. This can be from the deli or the sliced stuff.

Step 3. Layering the cheese

Yes, this time I made it with the wrapped stuff. :-)

Step 4. Cheese layer, after

On top of the third layer you will want to have the next two layers ready on the side. By now, I usually have everything cooked and sitting on side awaiting it's turn to be added. By now, you will want the final layer cooled off so you can handle it.

The fourth layer goin on is two soups mixed together. The original recipe called for the cream of chicken and cream of celery. I have used the chicken and broccoli cheese. I also tried cream of onion once. That was not bad. I prefer one of the other two.

Step 5. Add the mixed soups

The final layer should be cooled off before you handle it. This is the Stove Top stuffing. You can make your own if you want too! I just use the original chicken flavor. I did try once the cranberry flavor they came out with one year for Thanksgiving. Just an FYI...That was pretty good! Is also great with turkey and pork!

Step 6. Last layer, the stuffing
Step 7. Ready for the oven.

I drop spoonfuls of stuffing on top and press down with one hand.

Then cover with foil and pop in the oven at 350 degrees for an hour and uncover about 10 minutes before.

Step 8. Out of the oven
Step 9. Enjoy! ;-)

Chicken and Broccoli Casserole is yummy the next few days reheated as well! My husband and one of my best friends and old roommate can attest to how good this is too!

A recipe that my husband requests often and especially in the cold months! He loves my Cream of Chicken soup!

My favorite!

I have this really incredible Italian Sausage soup too that I love. It's so good!


And I can't forget this Quick Veggie Beef soup which I took to work for a soup cook-off and took third place!

Great for a chilly night
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