Good Life tour at Florida Museum of Natural History Mariajose Guerra

Nature on Display: This mangrove forest was specifically appealing to me since it is so popular in Florida. This exhibit captured my attention because I saw many animals in it, like the Yellow-billed cuckoo, and the American crocodile, and Brown pelicans. This exhibit made me understand that all these animals live in the same area and it helped me understand it because when you go to an actual mangrove in Florida you may not realize that. This museum helped me enjoy and appreciate all the animals that there are in different parts of the world at different settings.
Nature and Ethics: The natural history museum did provide me the opportunity to see art in the way that Leopold recommends. These art works behind me was the "silverwork" of the seminoles during the 19th and the early 20th centuries. As I went through the museum I realized all the different believes and cultures that people have and how much they value them and respect them. The respect people have makes me feel happy because they have something to look up to and to admire every day. The museum allows people to connect with nature because it displays the images and art works just as how they would be in the real outside world. Yes my experience did instill me an ethical responsibility to nature as Leopold imagines.
Nature and the Human Spirit: The Natural History Museum helps us step out of our normal lives because it gives us something to experience that we don't usually, everyday. It help us better understand who we are and better appreciate the mystery and majesty of the natural world because we often are so focused on ourselves and we don't realize what is happening around us. The beauty of nature is so important in the world and we need to more often appreciate it.

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