Volunteer Newsletter: From Our House to Yours | Issue VI

A Note to Our RMH-NY Community

Dear RMH-NY Community,

As we are missing our wonderful volunteers of the House, we want you to know that your continued support from afar has allowed us to keep families safe and together while their children continue to receive cancer treatments in New York City. Volunteer groups have continued to send meals and funds to ensure our families are fed nutritious meals and don't have to risk going to the grocery store, comprising their child's immune system. Other volunteers have helped support the funding of the House by joining in on our virtual events, which allows us to keep running and doing what we do best: keeping families close.

One mother who stayed at the House during this time, shared her appreciation for our entire team, continuing to stay open and supporting them.

Being surrounded by staff and families that were all on high alert brought a sense of security. You sheltered us from the devastating effect Covid could have on my child. You continue to serve families and keep them safe, that's front line hero material. You kept spirits up by providing activities, websites, and kind staff... The RMDH was my support network. Through transplant, recovery, isolation, and a pandemic I lived there, it was my home.

We couldn't do what we do without you. Thank you for being a part of the RMH-NY Family.

Gratefully, The Team at RMH-NY

Happy (Belated) Father's Day!

To make Father's Day extra special we celebrated our Dads of the House with tasty meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner from EJ's Luncheonette, The Little Beet and Tony's Di Napoli! Each Dad received a special care package with hair & beard trimmers and shaving kits, which I am sure you can imagine, was very much needed right now! One Dad (pictured here) was so happy, he said “Are you kidding me? I need a trim so bad.” A big thank you to Ralph Lauren for sponsoring this day!

Sending a warm virtual hug to all of the Dad's out there.

RMH-NY Father/son duo, Reymi & Noel sing Stand By Me with the help from our friends at Broadway Hearts!

We Miss Our Volunteers!

Check out the following Virtual Events being hosted in the coming weeks to benefit families staying at Ronald McDonald House New York! Help us spread the word by sharing with your family and friends. We hope to see you there!

Have an idea for a virtual event? Reach out at dstarfield@rmh-newyork.org.


Don't miss out on these TWO fantastic events, to get up close and personal with Aladdin on Broadway! You'll get a chance to meet and ask questions with James Monroe Iglehart, the original cast's Genie and learn real Broadway choreography from an actual cast member! Attend one for $20 or both for $30! All proceeds from these events will be split between RMH-NY and Katie's Art Project. Great for audiences of all ages.

Click here to buy wine to support the House!
We need our Heroes More than Ever! With dozens of the House's fundraising events getting cancelled, all funds raised are crucial to continuing to support the families at the House during this difficult time. If you haven't already, please make a fundraising page on our website or Facebook and send out the link to your community to ask for their help.

Why We Should Drink More Water

As we settle in to our “new normal,” one habit that we should be more mindful of is our daily water intake! According to a lot of nutritionists, we should aim to drink ~0.5-1oz of water for every pound we weigh. For example, if I weigh 150lbs, I should be drinking 75-150oz of water per day!

Water not only keeps us hydrated but is also vital for the following bodily functions:

  1. Removal of waste and toxins through perspiration, urination, and bowel movements
  2. Lubrication of our tissues and joints to protect us during physical activity
  3. Maximization of physical performance by increasing energy, strength, power, and endurance
  4. Digestion by helping break down food and dissolve nutrients

Looking for a fun challenge to increase water intake? If you don’t consume your target ounces of water by the end of the day, do one burpee (or another exercise movement that you don’t like) for every 1 ounce of water that you don’t consume! You'll be drinking more water in no time!

Article submitted by Kelly Chu, Communications Volunteer


DIY at Home instructions & graphic created by Kelly Quane, Communications Volunteers
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Volunteer Spotlight

Gillian Ryder

Volunteer: Monday Night Team Member & Youth Advisory Council's Advisor

Profession: Analyst, IPPOLITA

Years Volunteering at the House: 7 years

How you got involved: In high school, my friend Allie knew how much I enjoyed volunteering with children and invited me to join her in attending a meeting for a brand new initiative at the Ronald McDonald House New York. This became the Youth Advisory Council and was led by Terri Eggers. The work we did was so impactful and fulfilling that it played a large role in my decision to attend NYU which enabled me to continue my involvement in the council as an advisor. I am lucky enough to still advise the Council today, but am extra lucky because I am also on the Monday Night Team.

Volunteer Highlight: It is a culmination of a thousand experiences because every interaction I have with the kids, their siblings, and their families is just as meaningful as the last. I love walking into the dining room and seeing a family who has returned for a checkup who are so excited to catch me up on how they have been. I get to establish friendships with kids who have lived at the house for years, who count on seeing me on Mondays. We get to laugh while rolling on the floor with Tugboat, Monday Night Teams’ therapy dog. I see families on the street and we stop and chat. It is the highlight of my week, every week.

Another special takeaway for me is with the Youth Advisory Council, where I meet high schoolers as freshman and watch them develop a desire to serve others from their genuine experiences with the staff and families of the House. Many go on to study medicine or volunteer at local Houses near their colleges. Their experiences at the House leave tangible positive impacts on their future.

What you enjoy most: Seeing the children anxiously awaiting Tugboat’s arrival and the smiles on their faces.

"Volunteering at the Ronald McDonald House has reshaped the way I view dedication, gratitude, and the magnitude of human kindness. I have realized that everything in life is fleeting, but nothing is more meaningful than showing someone how much you care." - Gillian Ryder

Article Submitted by Helena Russo, Communications Volunteer


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