Red Panda endangered species

What is it? The Red panda is a fox like animal with orange and black fur.

Where Does it Live? What does it need to survive? The red panda lives in the high altitudes of China, Nepal, and India. The panda eats mostly bamboo like a traditional panda. It also eats fruit and leaves.

leaves are one of the many foods red pandas eat.

Whats impacting it's environment? Deforestation is killing the red panda and destroying its habitat. Its also being hunted for it's fur and being kept as pets.

Deforestation is a big killer on red pandas.

What are we doing to help? There are laws in China made to help this animal survive and to stop hunting. People are also adopting these animals to help protect numbers. You can help today by donating to the forest guardians.

In conclusion, This endangered species doesn't deserve to go extinct, and if you help it, you can save this creature from death.


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