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Loaf and Devotion is a new restaurant open in the heart of North York. Founded in 2002, Loaf and Devotion strives to fill the people of their community with hearty, healthy, and delicious sandwiches, subs, and its fine array of appetizers. Open from 10:00 a.m – 5:00 p.m as a fast food sub joint, and from 5:00 p.m – 11:00 p.m as a family, and or date friendly restaurant. Loaf and Devotion has a dream we want to fulfill. We want to cater to meals that the whole family can enjoy. As we continue to grow, we are guided by the passion of our friends, rather than customers. Our motto is, we are here to devote our services to you! Everyone and every face is welcome in our warm environment!


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Comprehensive drawing


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For this restaurant logo design assignment, we drew inspiration from large cooperation’s, using and learning from their strategy of logo advertisement to draw in customers. While doing my process work, I was most inspired by the notion of the word devotion. I decided to create a list of words that remind me of it. As much as I tried to create a vaster spectrum of words with the connotation of devoting ones self, I always seemed to be drawn to the idea of love, and holy matrimony/ marriage. Brainstorming possible things I could draw I began to doodle toast, and hearts. Not satisfied with the work I had, I did deeper thinking. This is when I got the idea of an engagement ring, the notion of marriage between two people who love each other. I felt as if a ring would encapsulate the word of devotion so well. Therefore linking loaf to devotion, I made a decision of putting a toast slice inside of the engagement ring. The most difficult part from me was choosing the font, and choosing how to write devotion (&, and, +). I played with a few styles, cursive, bold, minimalistic. And I figured the minimalistic one looked the best, and stayed the most true to the roots of the restaurant itself (serving simple, delicious, and quality foods). After playing around with fonts and what would look best with my final design, I chose something simple to match my simple logo. The coolest part for me during this process was most likely learning how to Photoshop my own logo onto another store front to see how it would look like in real life reality. I realized how fascinating, and advanced these editing programs are. This assignment taught me how to look at things in an in-depth perspective, if you are not happy with what things look like or what information you have gathered, take the effort to supplement or even change your ideas to make anything you do in life better, and more productive.

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