I Have A Dream.. ~BY:Estefani Ramirez

I have a dream that racism will end. Everyone is created equally. Like it said in the Constitution, people from a different race should not be discriminated, because of their race or color. Racism and Discrimination has been going on since the scriptures like John F. Kennedy said in his speech.

Half of our population are from a different country and are different race and some are immigrants.Those immigrants that come from different countries they come to the United States for a refugee, because the country they live in has violence or they also come to give their children a better future.

Racism can lead to war and violence for example like the Civil War. The most racist state is Missouri, because the KKK is established in Missouri. What the KKK is it is a group of people that kill a different race, but they do not kill the White people. For example they kill Jews, Latinos', African-Americans and etc.

Some people have protested against racism and equal rights like when Martin Luther King Jr. lead the march to Washington D.C. when he said his "I Have A Dream Speech." I hope my dream comes true someday or soon.

~By: Estefani Ramirez

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