How does someone change the world? By: Imani king

Well, every one has their own idea's and opinion's on how to change the world, so I have the idea's and opinion's of three people who i think may have a great way to contribute to this question. First of, two ordinary girls, here ar Sir Adam Beck JS.

Next is an interview of an excellent engineer, he is great at what he does and he is changing the world

Now that I have the opinion of different people, what do I think? Well, here are four ideas i have for how to change the world.

1) Don't give up!- I think that it is very important to never give up in a task project or challenge. Why do i think this? First off all, you can not do something if you stop doing it. Once you stop, it's over:( You finished the project, but the project is incomplete. You can not change the world if you do not try to finish the project you started.

2) Believe in yourself- I think that it is so important to believe in yourself. If you can think it you can do it, mind over matter, believe means achieve. All these sayings are true. If you believe you can do something, then try. Try as hard as you can, and earlier, remember when you told yourself you could do it? You were right. Supporting evidence= He who says he can, and he who says he can't are both usually right.-Confucius Supporting evidence= Demi levato song- believe in yourself

3) Friends and Family- I think that friends and Family are important for support because a lot of times during a project you will stumble across some challenges or questions that you will need help with.

Those are my idea's ans the idea's of others, and do not forget, YOU CAN CHANGE THE WORLD with... 1) Courage and belief 2) Never give up and 3) Support

Thank you for listening, and hopefully my advice will help you change the world.


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