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Since the introduction of computer games, the games and the gamers have come a long way. Gaming is in our genes as we were hunter-gatherers not very long ago. This could be the reason for humans' interest in gaming. Of course, we all have the killing instincts inside us which need satisfaction. It seems that many people get that thrill of hunting and the thrill of being hunted by playing a game which does not really endanger their lives.

This seems to have led to the never-ending technical and performance up-gradation of graphics cards by the chipset manufacturers and as well as the graphics card manufacturers.

With the increase in the GPU (Graphics Processing Unit) performance, the heat created by the chipsets too increases. This led to the incorporation of powered fans in the graphics card itself.

As the core speed is increased, the heat that is created by the graphics processor too increased. This led to the addition of more fans in the body of the graphics card. First, they added one and then two and then now we have graphics cards with three fans to dissipate the heat.

It became impossible to add more than three fans due to the space constraints inside a computer cabinet. So the manufacturers instead invented a technology to daisy chain multiple graphics cards to work in tandem. Now gamers and scientists and engineers and architects and designers who were in need of huge graphics processing power started using multiple similar graphics cards in their computers to increase their performance. This also helped the graphics card manufacturer to increase their sales.

Cryptocurrency mining (for example Bitcoin) needed a lot of GPU power and that resulted in increased sales of graphics card the world over. In India in the year 2016, 2017 and 2018, graphics cards sales skyrocketed due to Bitcoin miners. A typical mining computer needed six (yes you read it correctly) very high-end graphics card daisy-chained to get the desired output. Cryptocurrency ban was proposed by the union government and is being objected by various forums and associations.

Anyways the graphics cards are here to stay as the computer and PC industry is booming with the advent of latest inventions and incorporation of various technologies by the industry leaders to keep things buzzing.

Virtual Reality (VR) gaming and VR in engineering and designing are becoming common nowadays. All leading graphics card manufacturers have started to incorporate the latest and fastest VR (Virtual Reality) supporting chipsets in their graphics cards. Graphics card prices have gone up a little bit due to this reason. Soon and already some manufacturers have started to provide VR at affordable prices. Asus ROG series, Gigabyte Aorus series have some VR ready graphics cards already in the market.

Technology is growing at a great pace and what is the latest today becomes obsolete in a year or two. HD, Full HD, 4K and so on is the change we have ourselves witnessed in just this decade. Monitor manufacturers too had to come up with supporting resolutions and they too are upgrading and introducing the latest for the consumers to enjoy.

In the end, what matters is money. Many of us are still happy with the low resolutions of a laptop, many are happy with HD and Full HD, but the new generation wants more and 4k resolutions are getting common nowadays.

Graphics card price increases with the processing power it carries. So you can see graphics cards costing a few thousand to a few lakh rupees available in the market. A good graphics card price is around INR 25000 to INR 70000, this could satisfy almost all of your needs. But it is a choice of the needy and performance greedy to buy one or many (for daisy chaining) cards much more expensive to fit their egos.

Graphics cards priced from a few thousand to a few lakhs are available at https://www.shipmychip.com/graphics-card.html.

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