#PuertoRicoSeLevanta Hurricane Maria Recovery 2017 - 2018

In mid-September 2017, Hurricane Maria swept through Puerto Rico as a Category 4 storm, damaging thousands of homes and displacing numerous families. The most recent estimates from news sources report that over 40% of the island is still without power, nearly 5 months later.

Thanks to your generosity, IDES has been partnering with a local church and a local Christian school to meet the needs of families who were affected by the storm in Jesus' name.

Two of IDES' staff members recently returned from a visit with partners in Puerto Rico. There is much work to be done, and we do not want these families' stories to be forgotten.

As you scroll down, you will find 7 video testimonies of families that you are serving, and local ministers that you are partnering with on the island to make hope possible.


Anna Ritter's Story

Anna Ritter, Associate Minister at Toa Baja Christian Church in Levittown, Puerto Rico shares her story from Hurricane Maria and the recovery efforts that followed. Thanks to your generous partnership, TBCC has been able to bless many families in their surrounding community, and throughout the island who were affected by the storm. The love of Jesus Christ is thriving in Puerto Rico through TBCC's staff and members.

The Torres Family's Story

Joshua and Tiffany Torres and their children, community members in Toa Baja, Puerto Rico, lost many of their belongings due to severe flooding during Hurricane Maria. Thanks to your generosity, they have received help and hope in Jesus' name. Shortly after the storm, the Torres family was reached out to by Toa Baja Christian Church and Puerto Rico Christian School who (in partnership with IDES) were able to replace much needed appliances and assist in their recovery. Because of this help, the Torres family is now intimately connected with the church and attends regularly.

Robert Young's Story

Robert Young, High School Principal at Puerto Rico Christian School, shares his story about how Hurricane Maria affected his students and their families. Two classrooms were destroyed by the storm, and dozens of trees were blown down. For the sake of providing a source of normalcy, the school opened back up a little over a week following the storm, once electricity was somewhat restored. Thanks to your generous love, Robert, his colleagues, and his students have been able to clean up the school, and have been able to partner with Toa Baja Christian Church in blessing many students' families with much needed supplies and replacements.

Angel Crespos' Story

Angel Crespos, a community member in Agua Dilla, Puerto Rico, shares his story of losing his home during Hurricane Maria. From the structural damage to his home to the spiritual trauma of losing everything, Angel and his family went through difficulties to say the least. Yet, he decided not to complain, even after contracting an infection from the rubble that put him in a coma, instead trying to focus on serving others around him. Thanks to you love and generosity, Angel and his family will receive help and hope in Jesus' name.

Irma Rodriguez' Story

Irma Rodriguez, a community member in Toa Baja, Puerto Rico, shares her story about losing many belongings due to flooding during Hurricane Maria. Irma's home was severely damaged, including the roof. Despite the damage, she remains encouraged because of the help she has received, and her faith in Jesus. She also pays the help forward by serving families in communities that were hit worse than her own. Thanks to your generosity, Irma received supplies and a refrigerator. Her optimism is evidence of the good being done.

Lesvia Maldonado's Story

Lesvia Maldonado, a community member in Toa Baja, Puerto Rico, shares her story about experiencing the hurricane from a distance as she tried to maintain contact with family members. Upon returning to the island after the storm, she was surprised to find her own home, and her family's homes were severely damaged by flooding. Thanks to your generous love, she received food assistance and was able to replace major appliances with the help of Toa Baja Christian Church. Then, she paid that gift forward by volunteering to serve worse-hit communities around the island.

Sasha Ramos' Story

Sasha Ramos, a member of Toa Baja Christian Church in Puerto Rico, shares her story about the recovery work that she helped initiate in her own community following Hurricane Maria. Whether cooking for more than 20 neighbors every night, or assisting with emergency food and supply distributions in other neighborhoods, Sasha was enabled to serve thanks to your generous love. The lives that she has impacted in partnership with you are a direct reflection of the power of love in the midst of crisis.

Although most news agencies have stopped reporting on Puerto Rico's story, the recovery work is still ongoing, and will continue for months to come. There are still families in need of home repairs, appliances, and even basic furnishings such as mattresses.

If you are interested in donating towards recovery efforts, please click the button below, and be sure to choose "Specific Designation - See Comments Below" in the designation field, and type "Hurricane Maria" or "Puerto Rico" in the comments section.

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