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Breaking news! Abraham Lincolns assasination has been confirmed. He was killed five days after General Lee surrendered. John Wilkes Booth, the killer, wasn't found until eleven days later. Eight people were convicted in the assasination. Four death sentences, three life in prison, and one six year sentence. The assasination was part of a plan to renew the fight against the north. It was also said that Geoge Atzerodt was supposed to kill the Vice President, but got scared and left the scene.

Here's some background on Abraham Lincoln. Lincoln was born on February 12, 1809 in harden county Kentucky. When he was young, he was obsessed with an education. He served in the militia, but never saw combat. Lincoln had purhchased a general store, but went bankrupt and took 15 years to pay off. Lincoln was the first republican president ever.

Here are some of Abraham Lincoln greatest achievements.

The election. Lincoln ran against John Breckridge, John Bell, and Stephen Douglass. He won the election in 1860 with only 40% of the popular votes and became the 16th president. As the war dragged on, Abrahams Lincolns popularity fell. The war was going nowhere until a couple months before the election, there were some key battles at Atlanta and Virginia. Then Lincoln got reelected in 1864.

Emancipation Proclamatiom. Throught lincolns campaign, he promised not to embolish slavery although he saw it as evil. Then Lincoln saw it as a war strategy because the south relied on slaves. Lincoln signed the emancipation proclamation on September 22, 1862.

Gettysburg Address. The Battle at Gettysburg was very bloody. Approximately 50,000 died. Lincoln was invited to give a speech at the spot of the battle. It was only 273 words long, but talked about the principles of human equality in Declaration of Independence, connected the sacrifices of the civil war as "a new birth of freedom". Also the preservation of the union and its ideal of self government.

House divided speech. In 1858 Lincoln warned people that the nation faces a crisis that could destroy the union. The north was against slavery and the south was for slavery. On this day he said "a house divided against itself cannot stand". We found out two years later he was correct, when the south seceded from the union. And his quote was also correct, because the civil war had started.

Led the union to victory. The civil war took four years to end, but Lincoln won it. He ended slavery across America. There was a total of 24 battles, with more than 620,000 deaths. The Battle of Antiem was the bloodiest day in American history. Lincoln won the Battle and a led him to issue the emancipation proclamation. Lincoln also won the battle of Shiloh, battle of Bicksburgh, and the battle of Chattanooga.

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