Rinse Off By Cielo Rojas

Just pulled up
Corolla line for wash
Washing away debree
Don't forget to roll those windows up!
Let the rinsing commence
Getting all sides
Super Car, Super Vac 3000!
Putting quarter in for vacuuming
Seat Crumbs
Nooks & Crannies
Done for the day.

This was a chronicling of getting my car washed by my fiance, Bryan. The backstory to this experience is the mere idea that Bryan prides himself on his way of keeping his cars nice and clean. He always tries to express to me how valuable cars are & they acquire love and care too. I just bought this 2006 Toyota Corolla the day before and he wanted me to take it out to wash. He always chose this car wash in Schillerpark we called Peacock. He does all his details here. This is where most of his car buddies meet up and wash their cars off. I asked him why he loves this spot so much. Out of all reasons, it's because he likes how powerful their pressure washers are. Only a car guy would comment on something like that. My car is clean and I have built a new appreciation for my new car. Hopefully, for the sake of my relationship, I can keep this car clean.

Created By
Cielo Rojas

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