Guatemala Guatemala city

The capital of Guatemala is Guatemala City. Guatemala is located in Central America.

These are the cultural clothes in Guatemala

In Guatemala women wear cortes with red and yellow stripes to honor their ancestors. The skirt is held up by a sash called a faja.

Men wear an open jacket called a chaqueta and a straw hat.

They have two seasons one is the wet season and the other is the dry season.

This is the climate of Guatemala as you can see they get a lot of rain.

This is the Guatemalan flag the two blue stripes means that Guatemala is between two oceans. The white signifies purity and peace. The bird is the country's national bird and it is called resplendent quetzal.

These are some foods made in Guatemala.

The population of Guatemala is 16,672,956.

One dollar is the u.s is equal to 7.34 Guatemalan quetzal.

Guatemala has a constitutional democratic republic. Jimmy Morales is the president.

This is Jimmy Morales

In 1821 Guatemala gained its independence from Spain without even fighting a war.

In Guatemala there is twenty five different languages. Obviously Spanish is one and there are twenty two Mayan languages. Also there is two other languages called garifuna and xinca.

The top three religions are the Catholic Church , Mayan spirituality and evangelical Christianity.


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