Semester Reflection Ashley GARNER

FINALS WEEK: This has not been my first semester here at UF, coming in as an AIM student for Summer B term, I've had experience with different exams and the impactful study sessions that has to be taken into consideration weeks before your exam. However, this semester procrastination has hit me hard. Thinking I could relax for some weeks while also believing I wouldn't put off any work had me up until 5:30 AM this week; tired and restless can not describe the state that I am in right now. Now I know for spring semester, what to work on. Thank God for learned mistakes.
RESOURCES AT UF: Before choosing UF, all I kept hearing was about how UF offers its students countless resources but I didn't believe it. It wasn't until I met Steve Madden in Norman's auditorium that I finally understood what they meant. Being a Business Management major I plan to come out of UF and ready to build my own shoe brand; meeting Steve Madden was like a dream come true. Besides that, all of the student involvement and different freshman oriented workshops here helped me integrate into the culture of UF.
INVOLVEMENT: In high-school I was thoroughly involved in many executive positions as well as being very focused in my books and books, only. Coming here, with the wide-range if clubs to join I can explore my passions and interests. This fall I ran for the Black Student Union's Homecoming Countess and scored it. At first I hesitated into running for it but, by careful thought I decided to do so. That taught me that I can't think twice about things that I want to pursue and I should just go for it.
FAMILY: Coming to UF, I came here with only two other kids from my high-school. Along with my busy schedule, and theirs, we never get time to see each other. I interviewed for a particular organization: Leadership Development Institute. From the time I got accepted alongside 32 other children, it was set as a happy home. I adopted 32 siblings, with all very different personalities. At any time, I have a partner to walk through Turlington with or have lunch with in Reitz. I believe it is important to find your crowd in this big sea.

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