"A Warming Warning" Climate Change

Our Climate has fluctuated majorly throughout the recent decade and there are several causes that need to be dealt with and kept under control to prevent any further damage to our earth. Climate Change has evolved into a major problem over the past ten years and some of the main reasons involve, the burning of fossil fuels, an increase in carbon dioxide, greenhouse gas emissions, and the overall rising Global temperature.

Examples of things that have led to climate change:

Natural disasters are also thought to play a role in the overall global temperature.One of the most important events in natural climate fluctuations involve the weather phenomenon El Niño and La Niña that occurred in the Pacific. El Niño and La Niña are opposite phases of what is known as ENSO cycle. The professor of climate physics at ETH Zurich states that, “ 1997 was a strong El Niño year, which is why is was so warm that year,” in contrast “the counter phenomenon La Niña made the past years a few cooler than they would have been otherwise” (NewsRx Health and Science).

There are two sides to what is really the main cause of the peculiar weather in the recent years. Certain climate scientists claim, “None of these past climate changes, which had a profound effect on humanity, had anything to do with carbon dioxide” (Wall Street Journal). It is believed that in the recent century there has not really been a trend in the climate change, that there are only irregular, chaotic variations from year to year. There has not been any consistencies in climate science, and carbon dioxide emissions cannot be solely attributed to global warming. Whereas I believe carbon dioxide has had a larger impact then what is thought

Climate change presents a major and growing challenge to the world as a whole. This issue needs to be discussed thoughtfully and objectively. This is the only Earth we get we need to make sure everything is done in order to keep it healthy and safe.

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