Chlorine By:Zoe BEll

The element advertisment

Element: Chlorine (Cl)

Physical Properties: Yellow/Green Gas at room temperature

Chemical Properties: melting point of -100.98°C, boiling point of -34.6°C, density of 3.214 g/l

Group: #17, reacts like other elements in its group (Fluorine, Bromine, and Iodine etc.) also the amount of valence electrons.

Period: #3, number of energy rings around the nucleus.

VE: 7, Number of electrons on the outside ring.

Reactivity: Highly reactive

Rings: 3

Chemical formula Cl is used in: NaCl (salt)

Slogan:Chlorine smells weird and it’s not considered cool but it’s the only element here that’s gonna clean your pool


Created with images by Paolo Trabattoni - "ELEMENTS - The beauty of chemistry #2"

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