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My educational philosophy

  • I believe that all students are capable of learning if the material is presented in manner in which is not only interesting, but applicable by the student in real life scenarios.
  • As a future secondary English teacher I would take textual materials from textbooks, media, and novels and relate them to real life.
  • An example I have seen of this was relating burning of books in the novel Fahrenheit 451 to the early days of literature where only approved religious books were not burned.
  • I plan to meet all learning needs and diversity of the classroom by allowing students to share their own views and how they relate the material to themselves.
  • Existentialism is freedom to make choices and to define your own meaning of life. Allowing to students to apply material to themselves grants them the opportunity of learning more about themselves and to experience freedom in the classroom. In the words of John-Paul Sartre, “man is nothing else but that which he makes of himself.” I strongly believe that students should believe in themselves and feel confident in their work.
  • Positive reinforcement, both verbal and nonverbal, play key roles in ensuring student success in the classroom. It not only encourages the repeat of desirable behaviors, but discourages the unfavorable behaviors. If a student is praised for making a good grade on a vocabulary test, other students will see that as a goal and study more.
  • In our classrooms of today, we are seeing a large diversity of students facing issues such as language barriers, broken families, poverty, single parents, and countless others. It is the job of educators to understand the difficulties students are faced with to be effective teachers.
  • According to Maslow’s model of Hierarchy of Needs, if the students physiological needs are not met first, then they will not learn as well. Maslow’s model reminds us that students need to feel taken care of, safe, wanted, and confident in their environment to be successful.
  • Our use of technology in everyday life is rapidly increasing and thus it must for students to use it in the classroom. As John Dewey said, “if we teach today’s students as we taught yesterday’s, then we are robbing them of a tomorrow.” I believe that technology gives students a hands-on experience and a chance to express their individuality. Technology is resource that we cannot deny our students and thus it is important to take opportunities in the classroom for exploration. I think it would be fun for students to make powerpoints, exploring different themes and options within the program while covering the learning material.
  • After witnessing that every classroom and class within it is unique, I believe that teachers must be flexible in how they teach. As a teacher, I will be learning how my students learn and the best ways to teach them effectively. To be effective in teaching I will need to keep an open and active mind about how my students are learning. I plan to advance my skills in the classroom by learning the culture around my school and that of the students brought into the classroom.
  • I believe that I will always be a student in my life because of Jean-Paul’s quote, “everything has been figured out, except how to live.” This tells me that I have to define my purpose and figure out how to live my life in way that meets my goal of being an effective teacher.

My educational technology philosophy

  • The role of educators in today's world is constant flux as technology expands and increases what we are capable of doing. Students will be using technology in their daily lives and it is our responsibility to guide them in how to protect themselves. Young students will be exposed to things much earlier in their lives than we were and we need to be able to help them make sense of new information.
  • I think that technology in the classroom expands what and how students learn. It can be extremely beneficial for both parties to be digitally literate. Technology allows students to explore and express themselves creatively. It allows students to expand their knowledge on a subject and go farther in depth than they could from a lecture.
  • I plan to use technology to enhance my lessons and increase the impact it has on my students. I plan to use online sources, such as videos, to farther engage my students in lessons. Websites like can used as study aids for students for vocabulary and test. The added practice and study aides are useful in furthering student learning and comprehension.
  • Young students will be using technology and possibly exposed to inappropriate and/or dangerous material. Students need guidance in how to protect themselves by creating strong passwords, identifying what websites are safe and credible, and how to interact safely with other people. I will instruct my students how to create safe passwords for their online accounts by using numbers, special characters, and capital letters. I plan on going over what information is acceptable to be shared over and what information should never be shared. I want my students to be able to use technology safely.
My groups controller for our Makey Makey project.

Makey Makey Project

I never before imagined myself learning how to create a simple video game and even creating a one of a kind controller. This project had us working with a plug and play program to create the basic operations of the game. This was a task I never thought I would be capable of doing!! Each one of us made our games, but grouped up to create a viable controller.

Again, this was something I never imagined myself doing. I had no knowledge in computer programming or creating a digital game. When we started this project I was nervous. I quickly found out how programs like Scratch make exploring exciting and easy. After this project, I felt more confident in exploring the endless possibilities that come with using technology.

Before doing this, I had never seen a lesson plan much less put one together. I had to learn the vocabulary and the expectations that went along with a lesson plan before creating it.

The fact that I was given the variables of my classroom made it easier for me to wrap my mind around. I was given information about the student population and the technology that would be available for use. When we were first assigned the lesson plan I was not sure how to full utilize the technology with the subject of Romeo & Juliet. Throughout the semester I was exposed to different educational applications and websites that are easily integrated into the classroom.

Flipped lesson

Before this class, I have never uploaded a video to Youtube! Now I have two of my own videos uploaded.

What can I say about this? This was a learning experience. I came into this assignment with very little knowledge on how to upload and edit videos. I did not have experience in videoing myself either. I learned that I need to quit saying "um" over and over again while trying to explain something.

I think this my favorite assignment because I can see it being used outside of the classroom by students that are having trouble. Not only is this useful for students who are having trouble, but for those that are not in class and parents that maybe trying to help their children with assignments.

Unfortunately, this is not food. This not delicious melted marshmallows and chocolate sandwiched between two gram-crackers. Disappointed? Me, too.

Again, I have barely dipped my toes into making websites, videos, and anything else technology based. S'mores is a great website because not only is it free, it makes simple and eye appealing flyers. The subject content of the flyer that I made was on Digital Literacy for students. This flyer provides information on internet safety, self identity, and digital footprint. I have provided a detailed paragraph explanation on each subject followed by educational articles, images, and videos. In the process of collecting valuable resources, I became more aware to how easily everyone, not just students, can be affected by social media.

For the Google Certification test, I had to learn to operate the following Google applications:

  • GMail
  • YouTube
  • Google Hangouts
  • Google Calendar
  • Google Drive
  • Google Docs
  • Google Sheets
  • Google Slides
  • Google Forms
  • Google Classroom
  • Google Groups

Applications like Docs, Sheets, and Slides, are similar to Microsoft's products Word, Excel, Powerpoint. The difference between these Google applications and their Microsoft counter parts is they are completely free for anyone to use. My favorite feature of these applications is that Google saves your progress continually. It can be a grade saver when unexpected events happen like power outage or computers deciding to update.

I learned how to use Google Drive to share files with other individuals for effortless group planning. I learned how to use Hangouts to instant message and video chat with other Google users. Learning Google Forms and Sites was really interesting for me because I saw how easily they could be used for anything! Forms is easy to operate and automatically grades multiple choice quizzes, take surveys, and the best part is you can have the data sent to a Sheets document at the click of a button. Sites allows the user to create their own website with several pages, creative themes and pictures, ebbed videos, and so much more. Google Classroom is the one application that is strictly for education purposes, but it makes life so easy. You are able to assign forms, post documents, select that each student has their own copy of the document to work on, and so much more.

Throughout the semester, I have been exposed to a variety of applications and shown how they can be integrated into classrooms. I feel that I have learned valuable skills and been made aware of several things that I otherwise wouldn't have. I believe that in my future classroom I will be able to engage my students in learning with the use of technology.


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