Alexander the Great Kendra McMAhon

Alexander the Great is the son of King Philip and was born in Macedonia. When his father died he took the throne at the young age of 20. He had a non Greek mother and no one knew if he would be a good leader. He ended up doing a lot during his reign and conquering a lot of land.

Alexander was born in 356 B.C. in Macedonia, Greece. His father was a Greek king and his mother wasn't Greek. This made Alexander the heir to the throne but he wasn't a legitimate Greek. He was tutored by Aristotle who taught him all there was to know about Greece. His tutor Aristotle was taught by the intelligent Plato. After gaining all this knowledge, Alexander took the position of King at 20 years old.

Even though Alexander was young he conquered much of Greece and the city states. He even named cities after himself and his horse. After a while cities didn't even try to rebel and just surrendered. One city didn't and the consequences were severe. The city of Tyre thought they would be safe but Alexander got to the city and destroyed everything and murdered people. He didn't even spare the survivors and instead he made them slaves.

Alexander had conquered many countries during his lifetime. He faught at the Hydapses River and won in 326 B.C. to gain the land of India. Alexander had conquered Egypt in 332 B.C. Alexander went to war with King Darius III and won to get the land of Persia in 334 B.C. He was already in control of Greece and now had all this land.


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